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September 7-10 – Nashville here I come. I will be attending a conference for two days in Nashville. So what I will have to spend two days in a meeting, the nights are mine!  SEe you all on Monday!  


Happy Dance!!

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  1. Love the Happy Dance!
    Have fun! …..I mean, um, work hard!

  2. "yeehawww!"

  3. Believe it or not I used to have that snoopy poster on the wall of my room when I was a teenager lol.  I love it!  Nashville sounds exciting….that\’s one place I\’ve always wanted to visit.
    ~smelly foot……….smelly foot……..~  hehe sorry I couldn\’t resist!
    Have a great day ~hugs~

  4. I stopped by to clean my mouse .. lol. U nutta! .. lol.
    Here\’s hoping you had a great time in Nashville!!!

  5. YAB - YA Blog at the Independence Public Library

    Hey, long time no visit…
    Have a great trip, The Grand Ole Opry House is great!  Went for our honeymoon… it was at Christmas time, and the decorations were breathtaking…

  6. Hey that little guy looks familiar!!!!
    Sleep during the day so you\’re rested up for the nights!!!  Priorities~

  7. WOO HOO!  I hope you\’re enjoying yourself! 


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