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Clean your mouse

You should do this every few days.

More often if you spend a lot of time on computer!

I was shocked to see this works!

To recalibrate and clean your mouse, click and hold on the S.  Then drag the S toward the e.  If it doesn’t work, you might want to clean your mouse.

S top farting around and go do something constructive



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  1. That\’s pretty cool…..all the letters showed up… that what was supposed to happen?  LOL…I never clean my mouse…..I just buy a new one when it stops working.  Oh, wait a minute, I mean my boyfriend buys me a new one.  He doesn\’t like it when anything goes wrong with my computer, because THEN, I might want to sit and watch HIS tv with him….lol.

  2. That was perfect!!

  3. LOL!  I didn\’t read the words before I tried it.  Cracked me up!WR

  4. hey there girl.  just picked up your note about the evanesence song for shaun morgan….is it the one they are playing on the radio "call me when you\’re sober"  or something like that?  no matter what it is, yes, please do send it.  either way, i win.  cuz i like the song on the radio, though i didn\’t know it was for him.  and if it isn\’t that one, i like evanesence.  i know i\’m spelling that wrong but i\’m in too big a hurry to fix it!!!  love ya and miss ya!

  5. Off to Nashville??  Wow, that must be exciting.  Hope you have a great time!!

  6. HEY!!!  I finally got here!!  I have been trying and trying only to have things frozen and closed and booted and all kinds of crap!  So…Hi, Poopdeck is here! Unfortunately, I got here when I don\’t have the time to stay!  I will be back when the Space Gawds allow!
    Bye for now,      Poopdeck!

  7. CRAP!!  You got me and I\’ve SEEN this before!!!  D-OH!!
    HUGS!!  🙂


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