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liver and cheese

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Three handsome male dogs are walking down the street when they see a beautiful, enticing, female Poodle.

The three male dogs fall all over themselves in an effort to be the one to reach her first, but end up arriving in front of her at the same time. The males are speechless before her beauty, slobbering on themselves and hoping for just a glance from her in return.
Aware of her charms and her obvious effect on the three suitors, she decides to be kind and tells them, "The first one who can use the words ‘liver’ and ‘cheese’ together in an imaginative, intelligent sentence can go out with me."
The sturdy, muscular black Lab speaks up quickly and says, "I love liver and cheese."

"Oh, how childish," said the Poodle. "That shows no imagination or intelligence whatsoever."
She turns to the tall, shiny Golden Retriever and says "How well can you do?"

"Um. I HATE liver and cheese," blurts the Golden Retriever. "My, my," said the Poodle. "I guess it’s hopeless. That’s just as dumb as the Lab’s sentence."
She then turns to the last of the three dogs and says, "How about you, little guy?" The last of the three, tiny in stature but big in fame and finesse, is the Taco Chihuahua

He gives her a smile, a sly wink, turns to the Golden Retriever and the Lab and says ……..
"Liver alone. Cheese mine."

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  1. Ha ha………..funny joke.   Your space works perfect for me.   48 hours and i\’ll be on the plane to buffalo.  🙂

  2. Wow!  I\’m in!  Just a couple of hours ago, it kicked me out twice.  But this time, it just popped right in.  Okay.  I feel better.  It had been making me sad.

  3. Oh sick!  That\’s so sick!      I like it!  🙂

  4. Oh boy, did I need that laugh.  That was great!!

  5. Hello, my dear– We\’re back up and running.  😀  I hadn\’t heard the Liver/Cheese joke in a long time–long enough that I forgot the punch line!  I even rolled my eyes for you!  😀

  6. Cute joke!
    3 freakin days it has takin me to get on your site!Every other time I tried I got kicked off. Bloody MSN changes. Thats why I havent been around more…sorry.
    Take care.

  7. Wondering Rahab

    The bad part is I actually heard that in my head with his accent when I read it.  I\’m going to be thinking that all day!  Thanks for the laugh.Happy Wednesday!WR

  8. That one put a smile on my face.  No problems getting on your space today.  Had problems the other day trying to view the duck video however. 

  9. That was funny!  Yesterday when I got in, I only saw the title.  I didn\’t even see the joke.  I was wondering what Liver and Cheese meant.  Now I see it.  It looks like you\’ve got your space working well now.  Now I need to do something to mine.  It is slow as molasses to load.  I dumped a few of my photo albums and dumped my little cluster map and it doesn\’t seem to be any faster. <<me pouting>>  But your joke made me chuckle.

  10. Leave it up to the little Dude eh???? 
    Been having trouble getting in here, but today it was a piece of cake…….no not a piece of cheese……….a piece of cake!  Getting into Lee\’s space however has been a nightmare the last few days.
    Have a great day ~hugs~


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