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Happy Monday!

"I told you, don’t pull my ears, didn’t I?!!!"

"Thanks, I had it done at that fabulous new salon downtown!"

Uh, excuse me mister, have you seen my mother?

Do I LOOK like a mocha latte to you?!

Woohoo!…..high tide, get outa my way!!!

Sssshhhh, baby sleeping



"Everybody was Kung Fu fightin!"


Titanic…….the sequel?   

Will you be my new daddy?  I be your best friend!

A nip here, a tuck there…… look marvelous dahling!

"Pssss, pssstt pssss psst pssss psst"

"Being a mechanic is hard work, but it pays the bills and feeds the kids!"  

Didn’t you know I won’t get any taller?

"Aaaawww Man!  I almost had it!!!!"

Is this your kid? 

you got me for amusement purposes only, right?

yummy yummy yummy

Please papa, don’t leave me!  

"It be allwight, don’t cry! Spaces will be better soon!"


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  1. LMFAO @ the camel!!!  PRICELESS, Wendy!!
    HUGS!!  🙂

  2. AWWWW….these pics are so cute…I actually have some of them on my site…lol.
    We\’re having a long weekend here right now and so far, it\’s been pretty boring…oh well, isn\’t that what retirement is all about…lol??

  3. Wondering Rahab

    I\’m thinking it will be sooner than later.  Right now I think he is enjoying teasing me about it .  🙂
    I loved that last picture.  I\’m still crying about Spaces changing too.  Sigh.
    Have a good Monday and thanks for stopping by!

  4. These are soooooooo adorable.  But the kitty with the face on the paw made me laugh the most, because I do believe our Garfield is just for the daughter\’s enjoyment as well!  The things that cat puts up with hehe.
    Hope you\’re having an awesome day ~hugs~

  5. Hi, Rosebay.  Thanks for stoppin\’ in at my space.  I laughed from the top of your space to this spot where I\’m leaving a comment.  Funny stuff!  Hugs…..MT

  6. LOL …that last one is priceless!  I hope it will get better soon.  This is the first time msn hasn\’t frozen up on me in a long time.  They mean well by adding new features and all but they shouldn\’t do it so often, maybe quarterly. 
    The community room is in full swing.  About 4 more weeks and we\’ll be able to move into our new bedrooms.  Hopefully the little guy will sleep in his new room, he\’s been spoiled having his bed in my room.  Surprisingly, we\’re all still talking to each other so it\’s not so bad …but I want my living room back 😉
    How has your summer been?  Not too many storms your way.  I hope it stays that way for the rest of the season.

  7. I liked each picture better than the one before.  They were ALL so precious.  But that last one. . .PERFECT!
    And I love your story below!!!  If all men would just take heed. . .heehee
    Have a great day!

  8. Those are AWESOME!  I love the dog with the bodylift thing going on!

  9. Just popping by to say hello.  People don\’t seem to be blogging the way they were before the changes.  I\’ve had people telling me that they have a terrible time getting into my site and when they do it\’s hard to type a comment.  I\’m thinking of shutting down my site if this keeps up.

  10. Those pictures are fantastic! Love \’em!


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