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So here we go… MSN is going Live, Live Mail, Live Spaces, Live Favorites. Most of it is good although still in Beta. So this morning I started up the ole computer and completed the install of the Live Toolbar. Now I am getting all kinds of error messages. I’ve captured a few. Let me know if anyone else is getting the same errors.
 DeWitt – Help!

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  1. OMG this was too funny!!  I loved it!!!
    Thanks so much for the laughs.

  2. Hahahahaha – Fall down go boom!!!!!

  3. OMG!!!  HOW FUNNY!!!!!!  I can already predict that DeWitte will like that last one the best.  In fact, it sounds as if he WROTE it.  Those were good!!
    There\’s one we joke about around here. . . we call it an "I.D.10.T." Error.
    LOVE the smiley face!!!  He\’s precious!  But I\’m a small freak about smileys.  My Jeep is yellow and my tire cover has a smiley face on it and it says "Girls gotta have toys too".  Love it!!

  4. Funny – I\’ve seen most of these.  Donna is right – the last one is the one that kills me.  I like especially when Windows XP now pops up like every 3 minutes and says "You have almost finished your update – you just need to reboot".  After about a hundred times of seeing this, I finally let it have it\’s way and then when I log back in I see "There are new updates for your computer – would you like to download them now?"
    Our systems guy used to say "Looks like an ID 10 T error" (ID10T aka Idiot)

  5. arrr!  they be taking over our computers are they!  ahoy there matie!  i do\’n like other people pirating our \’puters now, eh!  ye wan\’t to see \’em to \’ol Davie Jone\’s locker.  My ship nearrr–ly crashed try\’n to board your blog space.    arrr!  God speed, th\’r blogger, and may the wind be on yer back!

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  7. Wow. I must be gullible today. I was reading those, saying to myself, "Wow…Windows messages are getting kind of personal now…hmmmm….oooo–look at that one!" And then after five or so, I was, "Oh. I get it."

  8. What can I say except…. hilarious but unfortunately pretty true to real life.  My own PC likes to surprise me with little gems like "Unable to locate (insert any string of nonsense here).DLL" – as if this all my fault.
    Usually happens just when I\’m in the middle of something important too.  I now reformat my PC once every 3 months… not to improve it, just to teach it who\’s boss.
    Great blog – thanks for giving me a good laugh 🙂

  9. Those are so hilarious!  These changes have me baffled, you\’d think they\’d offer courses at least!  Not that it would help me too much…….afterall you can\’t teach an old dog new tricks!
    Now that I\’ve spent the majority of my day trying to figure some of this out I think I\’ll actually try to get a few errands accomplished hehe.
    Have a great day ~hugs~

  10. You must be a premium paying memeber, because the rest of us can\’t remove the advertising banner.  Only the people who pay the yearly fee get it removed.  😦

  11. those were pretty good, because with the changes ya never know what we shall encounter….. hope it is going ok… hugs, cg

  12. Hugsssssssssssssssssss Wendy Rose,
    lol at all those.  they are so true……………lol  thanks now I know how to add friends. (I think)  I went nuts last night.
    My page was a weird color……….lol  Now, I have to learn so much more. 
    I lost my lil girl yesterday. sniff sniff.  But I still have one and he is very fat and happy for now.  He was the biggest one.  I guess the other two were just to little  I really don\’t know, I did all I could.  They in heaven now.  I been so busy, but I am trying to get to spaces.  Some of the new things i like and some I don\’t…….lol
    have a great day.
    Big hugsssssssssssssssssssssss

  13. i LOVED these.  but i loved even more the depends joke from a couple of days ago. that one just  cracked me up!!
    have a good day!

  14. Well, one minute spaces is working , the next minute its not.  WMP works, then it doesnt.  Access to spaces thru messenger works, then it doesnt.   IE7 works fine, then it doesnt.  Statistics still dont work.  Now Outlook Express is screwing up.
    Other than that, my day is wonderful.  lol
    Oh, my escape key works.

  15. Hi Wendy,
    Love the video!  As for the new Live Spaces — I love it!  Maybe I\’m just one of the lucky ones, but everything works perfectly on my space  🙂

  16. Sheeeeesh! I for one am very unhappy with the new changes … but I love your error messages!!! I wonder how often the folks at MICROSOFT have to deal with the glitches and BS on their machines?? Thanks for posting the funnies!!! They were great!

  17. Great error messages- the truth hurts! So far, so good w/new Spaces- but it hasn\’t tried to screw me yet!

  18. That is just how I feel… the one about all the personal info… shoe size, credit card number… agh!

  19. Ok, I just left a comment and your space with belly up. lol  Here we go again.  At least your error messages are funny. Looks like your computer has a sense of humor. lol  Love the video you have playing, very funny.

  20. LOLOLOL…I like the "Your TV is Lonely" one….good one.
    I seem to have survived the switch over without a hitch (knock on wood).  I\’m not saying I like it…I\’m just saying I

  21. Loved these! You must tell me where you got them!
    Hey, thanks for visiting! Isn\’t the friends list thingee great? I\’m finally starting to reconnect with some people that I had lost track of.
    See ya soon,

  22. Just Thought I would say Hi as long as I was here!

  23. I loved all these signs and the sad part is that I have actually has some of them pop up…

  24. hehehe – I loved the user problems, I thought those were great, what can I say, im a right royal nerd at heart! Also your photo albumn is too great! realy made me crack a smile!
    The Misfit!


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