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Have a good day!

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  1. inside, cool

  2. ahead and great…
    The Tweety says cartoons were sent to me by an email friend.

  3. Where in the world did you find the smiley face?  Too freakin\’ funny!

  4. Go forth and have an awesome day….lol.
    Hiya Girl:  It\’s great to be home…I went forth and had an awesome 4 days…lol.  My sis spoils me rotten…she paid for everything and won\’t let me lift a finger.  I could get used to that really easy…lol.
    P.S.  Love the coke

  5. It really is good to be back. Right now I\’m not too sure if we\’ll be going next year. It is fun but … One reaches a certain point. The Diet Coke demo above is excellent. I have to go with DeWitte today – temps in the 90s with the heat factor approaching 102. That\’s a bit warm for us! Go inside and have a cool day!
    I hope you post some of your scout pics. That\’ll be great. Have a GREAT day Wendy!

  6. forth, prosper
    to bed,sleepy
    ahead,sexy….(hey, I HAD to get sex in there SOMEWHERE!) 

  7. Whew!  Good thing I missed this yesterday!  I hear expletives are not appreciated on spaces~


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