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AH THE JOY OF AGING … Oh, look what you can look forward to !!!???

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I was blog walking this mirning and found that Lee has some great jokes today. Go visit and say Hi.

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  1. LOL! Oh those were good, as was your get back to work line! Thank you, my conscience!

  2. These are pretty hilarious – which is scary – cuz that means I can relate!!!  Damn it!
    Have a great day Goddess~

  3. I so can relate to  "even when I\’m naked I STILL want to slip into something more comfortable"!  That one I loved!  Thanks for the giiggle 🙂

  4. Those are really funny.  I especially like the first one because my sister is this health freak who eats food that tastes like tree bark. . . . all for the sake of living LONGER.  (I\’m SO going to send that to her)  I, however, have told her that I refuse to eat food with no taste and give up my beer just so I can live ten minutes longer.  I WILL enjoy my years – however many there may be – she can keep the tree bark.

  5. good ones!  I needed that lunch time laugh today!

  6. The cartoons are great.  I loved the Depends one.

  7. Hello, everyone. I have a seriaus problem here. I am 44 years old and self-employed.Threee days ago, iwas involved in a bad auto crash, which wasn\’t my fault and was rushed to the Banner hospital in Mesa.I am at home now, but messed up bad. To make a long story short;i have no health care insurance, at all..and now i owe $37,800 for all the hospital stuff, doctors, ambluance, and all.I cant work for about 3 more weeks and owe so much.I dont like asking for help, but if the readers would be kind enough to send contributions, i would be forever gratfull. Thank you.P.S. please leave your contribution contact info on my blog!

  8. Hi Wendy,
    I miss YOU! Traveling this week. Back home this coming weekend.
    Don\’t be silly .. \’find someone to follow my instructions?" .. darn you! .. I\’ll do the instructional bit! .. Don\’t you dare day dream about having anyone touch your legs but me!

  9. just stopping by to say hello…..its always nice to find funny stuff on peoples pages…
    lots of smiles for ya!!!!!

  10. Heheheh, I love those 🙂  Clean but funny, they are always the best.Thanks for coming by to visit my space, always lovely to have you there!Sorry to hear about the Legal Aid job… but I know what you mean, i\’ve had 5 interviews and 4 turn downs in the last few weeks.  IT gets a bit much.. a YES would be well received at this point.I\’m keeping my fingers crossed that you get something you will love .. Bye for now,Karen

  11. These were very funny.  My favorite was the first..

  12. Hugsssssssssssssssssssssss Wendy Rose,
    I loved the jokes.  lol  I had to do some catching up here.  Have a great time in Nashville. 
    One my pups died yesterday.  I was sad.  I don\’t know what happened.  The other\’s are doing good still.
    Have a great weekend.
    Love ya bunches


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