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Nashville here I come!!!

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September 7-10 – Nashville here I come. I was told today that I will be attending a conference for two days in Nashville. So what I will have to spend two days in a meeting, the nights are mine! So I’m off to the travel guides to find out what fun things there is to do (besides the obvious).  


Happy Dance!!

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  1. You\’re going to have a ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I went to Nashville once.  It was GREAT!!!!!  You have to stay at the Opryland hotel. . . or at least GO there.  It\’s MASSIVE!  I got lost inside the hotel – it\’s just so huge.  They have entire restaurants in there, a rotating bar and waterfalls.  Amazing! 
    I love the South!!!
    Plus I\’m a country music fan, so I had my eyes out all over the place.
    Have fun!

  2. Nashville??? I\’d need ear plugs.  LOL  Filelodge has been working for me.  What about Buffalo??

  3. well lucky you missy!

  4. I love Nashville!!!!!! Lucky you!

  5. HaHa .. K.T. says \’what about Buffalo\’ .. I was thinking something along the same line .. but it was Connecticut I was thinking of .. lol.
    Hey, this will be wonderful for you!


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