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Walking in Florida

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Won’t you let her walk in your home town?"
She is walking for a very good cause… a cause that has and still affects
so many people… many lose their battle with cancer… yet there are those that win…
and some are fighting one terrific battle..

Please keep her going . . . . . .

This woman is walking the World for Breast Cancer.
Please pass her on so that she can reach her destination. Say a prayer for all those who are affected by this terrible disease.
She’s walking around the world — via e-mail!! (ok and msn spaces too) Pass it on so she  can get there!

Please hit your forward button and or copy and paste this into your blog so the woman stays animated. Change the subject line to your town.

Please keep her going . . . . . .



Special thoughts go out to Jim, husband of Beth Marie who is currently battling, thoughts to Kim, the survivor and to Mud Treasure as she continues her tests. Visit and leave an encouraging word.


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  1. Thank you so much for the prayers, comments and kind thoughts for Jim.  Bless you!

  2. Thanks for this post Girl.  I copied.
    Love ya!

  3. Thanks for giving me some info out of the female play book…appreciated!
    As for what men want, very simple…fishing gear, power tools amd their women in sexy stuff (cotton.. phhhht …puhlease!).Last time I asked the women next to me what she thought of the dress I was holding up she gave me a strange look and hustled her a$$ quickly in the other direction, so never again!
    Enjoy your warm florida day

  4. and lets hope we can beat this damn disease.

  5. I\’m glad you posted the "walking for cancer" blog.  I posted the same one a couple of days ago.  I\’m sure there will be people out there fighting this horrible disease that will see this and get some sort of encouragement from it.
    My funk is a little better today.  The hot fudge sundae was terrific.  It did wonders to lift my spirit….lol.  I was really quite surprised as to how many people commented that they\’ve had bad funks also.  This helped me realize that I\’m okay, I\’m normal…lol.  Thank you again for your concern.  In my blog today I\’m going to tell everyone that your cocolate advice did the trick….lol.

  6. First thanks so much for giving my sister such good advice ~hugs~
    Secondly just how adorable is this video!!!!!!!!  I loved it 🙂
    I can\’t take credit for the squirrel pictures, the hubby and the woman child took the majority of them.  Everyone keeps telling me he looks more like a chipmunk to them but oh well squirrel will work too!  As for the road trip, pack your bags, always plenty of room in Warm\’s trailer 🙂
    Have an awesome evening ~hugs~

  7. HI!! just making my rounds before the whole system goes crazy again….wanted to stop by and say hello….
    muah!! kisses for you, for the post !!!!

  8. HI!!!!  I had my nap and life was better…  after a good cry.  I don\’t cry a whole lot (out of effort!) when I\’m not pregnant, but today, all anyone had to do was be nice to me or say something nice or something crazy happened, and I was in tears…  What a mess!  You\’re right that being a long-term guest is difficult.  I\’m wanting to go this weekend and stay with Jonathan, but it\’s such a tight space…  There are so many things that need to be done and so many things for us to do together…  On the other hand, Jonathan\’s been a bachelor for a month and I DO NOT want to be the one to clean up the studio he\’s been living in!!  LOL  It\’s not THAT bad, but just the same…  😀
    Consider Scooter kissed!
    And…  I had no idea "Beryl" was out there!  It has only been a month and a half away from Tampa and I have already stopped the hurricane watch…  Tragic!  Actually it\’s not as bad as all that…  I have it bookmarked on "MY" computer, but since I don\’t want to bookmark this stuff on THEIR computer……….  Well, you know.

  9. hi rose thank for stopping by my blog i look at that sight you told me about and but i cant git my picturs straiten around though can you help me pleese thank you i try


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