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18 Rules of Life

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1. Pursue Achievable Goals
2. Keep Genuine Smiles
3. Share with Others

4. Help Thy Neighbors
5. Maintain a Youthful Spirit
6. Get Along with the Rich, the Poor,
the Beautiful, &
the Ugly

7. Keep Cool Under Pressure

8. Lighten the Atmosphere with Humor
9. Forgive the Annoyance of Others
10. Have a Few Pals
11. Cooperate and Reap Greater Rewards
12. Treasure Every Moment with Your Love Ones
13. Have High Confidence in Yourself
14. Respect the Disadvantaged
15. Indulge Yourself Occasionally
16. Surf the Net at Leisure
17. Take Calculated Risks
18. Understand "Money Isn’t Everything"

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  1. Good words and pic\’s to live by! 
    Take care… have a great day!!

  2. How did you get that picture of me this morning?  That was SO me coming into work today.  Isn\’t amazing the difference in Friday and Monday?  And your little penquin – precious!  He looked a LITTLE excited about. . .  something.
    I don\’t know where you find these little videos, but they\’re always so great!!
    Have a great week!

  3. LOVE the pics!
    Thanks for your comments to my last post. You took the words right out of my mouth.
    Take care.

  4. Ok, #2 is gonna give me nightmares and I think #15 is a self portrait from any given weekend~

  5. #8 made me chuckle  🙂

  6. Love these pictures!!!!!!  But I do believe I love the penguin video more, now THAT is a happy dance 🙂

  7. I like #18.  Good law today?
     I called Kathy today, they will be in their temp apt for 9 months.  Their TH will be rebuilt from scratch, which they are happy about.

  8. You always have such AWESOME entries and pics, Wendy!!
    HUGS!!  🙂

  9. I love it!  #16 looks like me at my old desk.

  10. Good Morning:  A pleasure as usual coming to see your site.  The words you write, your videos, your pictures; they make my heart do a happy dance and put a smile on my face. Thank you.

  11. The pictures are adorable!!

  12. You better get your poop scooper out, I smell the litter box.  I love the polar bear at the urinals.   What a blast.  I left a real crappy blog today, you need to come by and be educated with my historical lesson of the week.

  13. Thank You:  I\’ve decided to take you up on your advice….I am now on my way up to the Drive-In and I\’m going to have a hot fudge

  14. Note to self:  visit Rosebay EVERY day!  You sure know how to brighten my outlook!  WooHoo!  Luv the Friday v. Monday.  It so reminds me of myself about 20 years ago when Friday night saw me headed to Worrell Bros. in Virginia Beach where the bartenders had my seat at the bar reserved.  Yeah baby!  LOL  And, of course, Monday is Monday.  Tee Hee.  Thanks for the link to to Ballin\’ – what an inspiration.  As soon as Jessie gets back to a computer I\’m going to send him the link. 
    You\’re the best!

  15. OMG.. what a great entry!  I LOVE the pictures!!!!  you had me laughing right out loud!  Much to the amusement of my dog who kept looking at me and tilting his head!

  16. Very cute!  Thanks for sharing–that made me smile!

  17. your blog is really nice and i hope mine can be like yours someday…where do you get your video clips and pictures?
    love daisy

  18. hehehem i loooove the overindulgence one (theres a shocker) that and the monet withthe tabby above, i guess you need the one to do the other!


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