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It’s Friday

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I can smell it …. the weekend is getting closer !!



Can you smell Friday ?

I told ya it’s Friday ! ! !


  Weekends don’t count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless. ….ENJOY!!   
Keep going, it  is nearly  the weekend!!!

The weekends coming! 
Put your hands in da’ air and wave ’em like you just don’t care, cause….

            It’s Friday BABY!!!!!   



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  1. Right on… TGIF!!  Smell?  What does weekend smell like?   Hmmm- now I have to engage my underused brain cells…. thanks a lot!!
    Have a great day and weekend! (smelly or not)

  2. Wow – now there is someone who keeps up with the days?  I woke up and thought it was Saturday today – how rude is that? 
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I LOVE THAT SMELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. So cute!!  Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Hi! I am Frank ,hahaa^_^
    You know,I am always wanting to improve my English these days.You asked me where I live in China.OK,I will tell you !I will be a freshman in September this year.I was admitted by Lanzhou University yesterday!(haha ,really happy ,right?)You know ,Lanzhou University is a very exellent one in my country,ranking about 30 in China.Ouch !I forgot to tell you where I am living .^_^I am living in Shijiazhuang,hebei province ,China.(Shijiazhuang is the capital city of Hebei province)
    Anyway,I am very happy now.I believe,a bright future is waiting for me!

  6. Oh, gosh, there were some cute ones there!  I loved the Riddles entry–I only guessed a few of them (it\’s late, you know!  My pregnant brain doesn\’t work even when I\’m awake!  lol)  I also got a kick out of the Dilbert contest quotes–they\’re funny even if they\’re not real-life (which it sounds like they are, but why would you tattle on your own company to win a contest!  lol)
    It was good to get more details about your step-dad–I didn\’t realize that he was handicapped…  That makes a big difference in his lifestyle, I\’m sure.  And there is NOTHING worse (at least I haven\’t found it) than cleaning a man\’s bathroom after a certain length of time.  Jonathan and I reached compromise and he wipes down the rim after going potty.  It makes cleaning the toilet something I can handle.  🙂

  7. YAB - YA Blog at the Independence Public Library

    Friday would be grand if Saturday I wasn\’t workin\’.
    Love the pics!
    I have copied many from you site to use on our local animal shelters site… hope you dont mind.

  8. Fantastic graphics….Loved all the work you put into your space…

  9. Wendy, Love your site (site envy?) and keep getting caught up in the web of your favorite spaces, instead of updating my blog! So thanks, I think!? Love the video as well! Thx for reading, and the comments!

  10. Wendy, Love your site, find myself getting caught up in your favorites, and before I know it, I\’m cleaning under the fridge! I think that\’s space envy?! Thx for reading, and the comments!

  11. Really, really good blog…I love it.  I love the video too, even though my Mondays are just like my Fridays now that I\’m retired…lol.
    I haven\’t been blogging for a few days, so I thought I better pop around and say hello to everyone.

  12. Wendy:
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your thoughts. before this I thought I was the person that looked forward to Friday the most but yo take the cake. I hope your weekend lived up to your expectations. I had a pretty good weekend the band gigged on Sat. and we invented a new drink Sunday afternoon called a "Drucken Sunday" Its Peach and Pear soda blended with Banana rum and ice. it goes down really smooth but packs a real kick served on the porch with home made Guacamole and fresh chips. You know you had a good weekend if Monday you show up for work sun burned, exhausted and hung over which means that I had a great weekend.


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