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This Week in Pictures

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I found these in MSN week of pictures and thought I would share.

So why does this old song keep playing in my head? One hit wonder by Vanity Fair. "Ride, Ride, Ride, Hitching a ride, Got get me home by my baby’s side"
 So size does matter? Even a tabby cat can tree a bear.


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  1. And cats are goofy – you can almost imagine him thinking "Stupid bear!  I\’ll scare him up into the tree a few more times, then I\’ll take my nap.  Yeah, that sounds right. <YAWN>"

  2. That must be one really big frog!

  3. Cats RULE!!!!!!!!!

  4. I always thought size DID matter…now I may have to re-think my opinion….   🙂

  5. Cats are destroying my house.  I have eight.  Let me rephrase that.  My wife has eight cats and they have ripped up the carpet, furniture and put holes in my clothes.  ARGGGGGGGGGGGG
    I have a horse race for you at my site.  Come on by and let me know what your like.  Oh, it has swear words in it.  

  6. What a dumb bear.  How can it be scared of a cat. 

  7. Rosebay,
    Leave it to you to send me a pic of you as a child
    It\’s up and on display though! Thank you for sharing!

  8. The pictures are great.  You find the best ones!


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