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It was a very interesting long 4th of July weekend. I sure missed ya’ all. I took the weekend off and never once went online.  My computer at home sucks big time and with the Spaces update, I can’t even get to my own Space any more. So the internet is going.  


So you ask, what did you do this weekend? I’m glad you asked. My very last "guest" moved out of my house on Monday. It was my step-father who is disabled and he has lived with me on and off (more on than off) since 2000. So for the first time since I was 18 years old, I live in a house all by myself. It has only been two nights so not a big deal. My house had become known as "The Inn" since any time a room opened, someone was waiting to move in.


So all day Monday and Tuesday I cleaned. Cleaned and cleaned and cleaned even more. My step-father lived in the front part of the house and I lived in the back preferring the view of the back yard as opposed to the busy street out front. He lived in his "space" for almost two years and, not wanting to invade his territory, I stayed away as much as I could. BIG mistake. I have seen cleaner bathrooms at the Chevron station.


I am also still trying to sell the house so I started the "spring" cleaning routine. You know, baseboards, windows, cupboards, walls, etc… I still have three rooms to go. I also did the lawn and trimmed the trees (hate yard work ).


My next thing to do when it is all clean is to "flip" the house around. I am going to move into the front of the house and use the back for storage. Every room will be different than it is today.


When I have finished I plan on calling a realtor (hey Nooner, can you sell in Florida?) and having it professionally listed. The house will get more exposure through mailings and internet. Then I don’t have to answer the calls either.


Just wanted to update the house saga. This Space started out to be about the house, remodeling it, decorating it but I got away from that.


To read the story on the house use the category Home Improvements and the link below is when I first started ocnsidering the sale.



a month gone by

I will be by to visit everyone soon. Until then…

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  1. Ahhhh, Rosebay …
    Hey, if you have a Gym membership .. cancel it. You are getting GREAT exercise with all you have been doing .. and will be doing .. with the house! (there is Always a bright side to everything, ya know *wink*).
    So nice of you to ask but, no, I\’m not licensed in Florida yet .. lol. I say "yet" because a friend has been trying to entice me down there … over by Naples.
    BUT, I/We know the better realtors in and around St. Pete, so if you would like to Interview one of them, by all means let me know.
    That video is hysterical. Not something one should have their dog attempt, but it looked like the dog escaped without injury, so it was amusing to watch.
    Oh, I didn\’t tell ya. Plus no one has commented on my spaces that they tried it. I put up a Voice Clip of my voice on my site. It doesn\’t work as smoothly as I would like. Ideally I was trying to find a host that not only housed the clip, but when you clicked on the URL on my site it would automatically play the short clip. Unfortunately, the link I have now is a two-step. It takes you to the host site .. and then one has to click a link to hear the clip. If you, or any readers, know how I can streamline that, let me know.
    Gotta run .. Talk soon.

  2. EEwie! Chevron bathrooms are pretty bad! YUCK!
    Good luck with the sale of your home! Wish you were closer because I know quite a few realtors that kick butt! Do you have before and after pics? 🙂

  3. Hi W:  Boy you sure were busy.  I was doing some garage cleaning myself.  The last I heard, you were going to rent your home to your son and move to an apt close to work.  I guess that fell thru.  I still havent booked my flight to buffalo, prices for me are  300+.

  4. Wow….you have been so busy…I don\’t envy you…that\’s a lot of work selling a house.  You have to make sure it\’s "Spic and Span" all the time because you never know when someone will want to see it and then when they do come to see it, you have to find someplace to bugger off to…  I love that word "bugger"…that\’s what I kept calling my cat last night when he wouldn\’t come in the house….lol.

  5. How COOL to finally be alone!  You sound happy abnout it too!  I sure would be!!  🙂


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