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Looks like it will have a nice smooth interface. Check it out.

From Space Craft:


Windows Live Spaces is coming!
Hey Spaces fans,
Windows Live Spaces is arriving soon! Not only will your Space adopt the cool new Windows Live look & feel, but you will also be able to add new and exciting functionality to your space.  With the addition of the Friends Module, you can create a place to hang out with your friends. 
The Friends Explorer, which will be integrated with and accessible through Windows Live Messenger, will enable you and your friends to explore others and create new friendships.
You’ll notice some changes we’ve made to the header, including the replacement of the current text ad links with banner ads across the top.  Of course, as always, if you prefer to see no ads at all in your space, remember you always have the option to switch them off as a subscriber
In addition, your title and tagline will no longer be limited to the Spaces header.  Instead, you can choose to display the title and tagline of your space as a module and have it appear wherever you want it to in your space.  Removing the title from the header means you have more freedom and control over things like your space title and navigation to stuff in your space. Instead of always being stuck at the top, you can place them wherever you want.
The introduction of breadcrumbing and an optional new navigation module will enable you and your visitors to easily navigate through your space.
We are also going to offer many new ways to express yourself and customize your space.    You’ll be able to add mini-applications called Windows Live Gadgets developed by the community for the community.   Can’t find headlines, games, or other gadgets that reflect YOUR personality?   Build your own gadget or bribe a techie friend to do it for you!
Of course with all this great stuff, we also have to make some changes to our URL structure.  As Greg Phipps blogged about last month, your URL will be changing one final time with the switchover to Windows Live Spaces.  Don’t worry though, we are working hard to make this as seamless as possible for you and the visitors to your space.
Here’s a glimpse of what the new Windows Live Spaces will look like:

* Note text & UI  may change.


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  1. I\’m terrified of change~

  2. good morning.. just doing some blog hopping.. thought i would drop by… wow.. msn is changing spaces again huh… just trying to get use to the change they made with the albums.. lol.. anyways
    have a wonderful day now.. take care..
    smiles and hugssss

  3. More changes??? Hmmm… gonna have to read up!
    Have a great day!

  4. OWWWWW! Stop poking me in the ribs! I back already!l

  5. Hi Wendy!  I love the video of the "hung-over" cat! 
    You were mentioning the Notebook.  I\’ll have to rent that sometime and check it out.  But if I cry I\’m not telling! 🙂

  6. Re the closing sentence: "Now let\’s talk about toys…" <— LOL .. You have a Great sense of humor!!! .. lol ..
    Thanks for the theme info, Wendy.

  7. I dont understand what that new thing is, do you?

  8. HEY….It was not Old milwaukee crap!!!!!

  9. This is too much for me.. .just when I get things figured out just enough to be a little dangerous there\’s a whole new world to explore.  I got a job…  LOL

  10. Hey Girlfriend:  Thank you so much for the birthday card…it was really cute.


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