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Happy Birthday to Magick 6/28/06

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Everyone go visit Diane and say Happy Birthday!!! As she would say:

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  1. I was just reading about all the changes last night, I cant wait to see how they will again screw up and have all kinds of issues that they did not foresee.  I think that is typical of most new programs that are released.
    So how the heck are ya?  I know I have been busier than all get out.   I really dont know what that means, it goes with the expression, " Busier than Hell."  What the heck does that mean?  I know you know the answer!!!!!!!   I come to you for these answers  for my day to day questions.  I seek your wisdom and knowledge.  Weeelllllllllll, Acutally I came by to see if you have any beer in the frig and since that is NO, I will head back to mine.LOL

  2. I\’ll go visit her in a minute.
    How do you get this cool All-White look on your spaces, Wendy? .. I\’m envious of your space and KM\’s .. lol.
    The Closet Cat pic is amazingly adorable .. cats are something!
    Glad to hear Lil Dog got toys.  Reminds me .. I got a toy once. A nice gal insisted I have it and bought it for me after we wandered into this specialty shop together .. lol. I had always thought toys were for girls .. lol.

  3. Awwwwwwww thank you sweetie……that was so nice of you…..and thank you for coming by to offer your birthday wishes… was very much appreciated.
    P.S.  I had the coolest music picked for my space today and I just now managed to get it to load….lol….but, it\’s too late….everyone has been by already.

  4. Thanks for stopping by.  No, I am afraid I do not have a living will yet. I must get that done.  We all should I feel.  YOu mentioned you had lived near Buffalo?  The only time I have been out that way was to Corning , New York.  What a awesome part of the country. I had no idea. The streams look just waiting for me to catch some fish there. lol 
    thanks for the info on the new Live spaces.  Just when I sort of know my way around here we get to change it.  Oh boy.   


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