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So I did a brief blog walk this morning and I kept finding a familiar theme. Friends.

Mondays with Molly posted an article about the decline in close friendships and throws out the challenge to everyone to:

"Reach out to a friend today.  Is there someone who you would like to have as a closer friend?  Why not invite them over for coffee/tea?  Is it an internet friend?  They can be just as close .. write them a note.  Share something with them that’s been going on in your life, ask them to share how they are doing ..  I would bet they would enjoy an old fashioned closer friendship just as much as you would!  Try it .. you have nothing to lose but a close friend to gain."


So here I go:

To a friend who needs to be reminded that she is loved (you know who you are) I wish you many friends that will remind you today how wonderful you are.

To a friend that has recently moved away, I promise to call so you won’t be all alone in your new home.

To the friend that I blabbered on to that finally asked why- It was brain leakage- thanks for listening.

To those that set well wishes and concerns for the puppy, he is fine and back to "normal". He even got a new toy. Thaks for your concerns.

To all the friends I have made in Spaces through the past year- Thank you for being my "community".


To my blogging friend King Tom, thank you for the sneding me the following:



Friends come……………in all shapes and sizes…….



Your Friends will Support You….. 


And  Respect Your Creativity…..
For Thinking Outside the Box……….

They’ll Be There When You Need a Shoulder to Lean On…… 

Or a Great Big Hug…… 

A True Friend Takes Interest .
In Understanding What You’re All About…… 

They See Beyond the Black &White
To Discover Your True Colors …..    
And Accept You Just the Way You Are……. 


Even When You Wake Up in the Morning! 

So Make Your Own Kind of Music…. 
Sing Your Own Special Song……. 

Follow Your Heart…..Wherever it Takes You….. 


 And When Someone Reaches Out to Love You….
Don’t Be Afraid to Love Them Back……..

They May Just Be A Friend for Life… 


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  1. Excellent pictures!  Hope you have a great day!

  2. You are precious~

  3. Rose:
    Thanks for stopping by my space and leaving a comment. Great pictures and as for "To be Ninteen Again" all I can say is that based on your photos now and then beauty is clearly eternal. Were you a professional model or did you just have a gifted photographer in the family? Thanks for sharing your life.

  4. Very sweet pictures and sweet words.  I\’ve always believed that you can never have too many friends.  And my Mom\’s favourite saying was "Make new friends, but keep the old". 
    P.S.  I\’m glad your puppy is doing well now…our pets are the best friends we can have.

  5. I like the last picture with the cat & horse  🙂

  6. Those are great pics are great! 
    I will NOT be a part of the community room!!  My room is still on the first floor and there I will hide 🙂  It\’s going to be an adventure for sure!  I think I\’m going to create a photo album of the whole process on my site.
    Have a great night!

  7. W:  Hello my friend.  Darn I see some of the dreaded "red X\’s" again.   How is the pooch doing?

  8. I just love your site. it\’s so refreshing!

  9. Beautiful pictures!  I loved them!
    One of my very best friends I met on the internet 9 years ago.  We have never met but she has provided me with emotional support through the years and I have tried to do the same for her.

  10. How sweet!!  I have made some really nice friends online.  I\’d like to consider you one of my new "blog friends".  You always have something nice to say and you are always so positive – and FUNNY!  Laughter – the best medicine! 


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