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6/23 Take Fido to Work Day

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So according to American Greetings, it is Take Fido to Work Day. Well today I have a guest in my office. Jaegermiester, my dachshund.


I joked on Wednesday when I was leaving work that I would bring my dogs to work today. Little did I know… Yesterday while getting ready for work, I hear lil dog chewing on something. I knew I hadn’t fed him breakfast yet so I checked to see what he was eating. To my horror, he was chewing on a block of rat poisoning. My heart dropped. Well of course I took it away from him, got dressed and put him in the car. So here I sit, dog in car, panic just under the surface and … where’s the keys? I needed the keys to get in the car. No keys (still haven’t located them). I grabbed the spare set and set off, but where was I going? To a vet, somewhere. I called the vet I went to on previous occasions, no answer. So I remember another one and just drove there.


When I walk in the nice lady behind the desk greets me and I told her I think I have an emergency. She kindly told me the doctor was busy, surgery and appointments until after lunch. I took the little baggy with the block out of my purse and explained that I just took this from the dog. Not a second passed before they had him back in the office. The vet explained to me how the poison works and that there are two types, one he could save the animal, the other there is no hope. He asks me where is the box? Box? No box. So the vet tech (nice lady that greeted me) called the store where I bought it, had someone read to her the ingredients then called the manufacturer for poison treatments.


Fortunately, it was treatable. They had to induce vomiting and give him Vitamin K shots. I took him this morning for his final vitamin shot and the vet said he will be just fine. The lil dog was just as happy to go back to the vet so I guess it wasn’t that bad. More of a trauma for me than him.


So lil dog is here with me today. And I’ll be keeping a very close eye on him.

Have a great weekend all!

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  1. Aawwwhh!!  I\’m SOOOO glad puppy is okay!  You had me scared there for a minute.  My son\’s girlfriend\’s dog lives with me and because of opposite work schedules, I puppy-sit every night and I\’d be horrified if something happened to him.  Thank goodness that you SAW him eating it and reacted quickly.
    Have a great weekend in sunny FL!!

  2. OMG!  I\’m so glad he\’s alright!!!!  Jaegermiester – I love it!!
    Have a great weekend!!
    And pat Jaeger on the top of his head for me and tell him I said that he\’s a very lucky dog to have you for his mommy.
    Take care Girl~

  3. WOW….that first dog in the video is one smart puppy!!
    I love the song playing on my space right now too.  I used to love dancing to it.  The name of the group singing it is "Countdown" and yes, it\’s  not the original group…but I think they do a really good job. They were singing the last song I had on my space "Bad to the Bone".  I get piles of free music from the site I go to because it\’s not the original artists.
    I have a living will because I wouldn\’t want my Sons to have to make such a hard decision.  With a living will it\’s out of your families hands and there\’s no need for them to feel responsible.  I\’ve also added lots of other stuff to it….right down to the music I want played at my funeral….lol.
    That\’s sure was a close call with your dog.  I\’m sure glad he\’s okay.  He looks like the spitting image of a dog I used to have years ago.  Her name was Wednesday. I think Daschunds look so cute when they walk and run with their short little legs…lol.

  4. You are dangerously close to getting de-linked sister! No more nice Florida weather talk, got it?!!!!
    You have a nice weekend too.

  5. Oh Thank goodness your dog is ok!! Mitzi once got ahold of a box of rat poisening, also, but thank goodness it was empty! I am amazed that my dogs are still alive with everything they eat. Just thismorning I had to choke a disposable razor out of Mitzi\’s mouth… one of the blades were already stuck in her lip! She wasn\’t even bleeding… crazy mut…

  6. Hmmmm….I always thought that George Thorogood & the Destroyers did the original version of Bad to the Bone…lol.  Oh well, I bet it\’s a song that\’s done by a lot of different singers.
    Countdown is a group that does a lot of the songs on the site that I go to for music….I think they do a really good job.
    I\’m playing a ZZTop song now….Tush…lol.  It\’s my favourite song of all time to dance to.

  7. Close call.  I\’m glad J is OK.  Now, where did J get that stuff from?
    How did everyone at the office like J?

  8. Glad it wasn\’t some of that fast acting stuff that I bought where they are still chewing it up and fall over on the floor.
    Found this – thought you might be interested:,,3-2240375,00.html

  9. I am so glad your dog is ok.   I bet there were a lot of happy people at work on take your dog to work day. Many workplaces would be happier if dogs could be around them.  I love dogs. My poor lilttle toy poodle however is on her last leg. Not sure how I will handle it when the time comes to have her put down. 
    You asked if the bears bothered me when camping.  Not really, but was afraid to stay out with my food in the open.  Each time i saw them I would have to quickly store my food back in the car. 
    Your blog on living wills is a timely one. I only wish a close family member of ours would have had one. She is currently in a coma state without much hope of recovery. Is she would have had a living will, I think all of us would have been sparred the hard decisions as to what to do. 
    I just got back from a week of traveling, hope this finds you well and ready for a great weekend.

  10. OMG!!!!  I\’m so glad he\’s ok!!!!!!   That must have been a terrible sinking feeling!!!

  11. Thank God everything turned out OK!!!

  12. Oh the picture is absolutely adorable!  What a beautiful puppy, I\’m so glad he\’s okay……

  13. I\’m SO glad your puppy is okay. My heart sank as I was reading and then lifted as I read further. Oh how scary! I\’m so happy it\’s all alright now.

  14. Did they make him vomit in that mug, or is that his beer chaser to calm his nerves after such a harrowing day?!
    Thank goodness everything is ok. Worrying about your pet is every bit as bad as worrying about a child, I swear! 

  15. What a panic you were in … so sorry you went through those emotions. But, all\’s well that ends well!
    I love the picked for him!  lol

  16. insert *name*


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