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Less is more day 6/21/2006

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  1. I LOVE your Funny Cats video playing!!!  That is SO funny!  It almost makes me want another one. . . . but not just quite yet.  Maybe one day.

  2. Loved the escaping dogs…doesnt surprise me how smart the little boogers are, with two ourselves. Sometimes I wonder who owns whom?!

  3. I went by Donna\’s site and left her a comment – I think we live in the same town!  too funny – it sounds like I did pretty much the same things she did on her vacation.  LOL

  4. I didn\’t know it was less is more day!  Happy First Day of Summer 🙂

  5. I love your animal pictures.  They really lift my spirits.  Thanks!

  6. You have a remarkable space here and it\’s absolutely amazing.

    Keep up the great work

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    PS. Love the animal pictures, they look really pretty.

  7. Oh my!!  Your "Hoodini dogs" are precious!  Smart little buggers.
    And yeah, I got a visit from Tess via your space.  I checked out her space and she DOES live in the same town.  I know exactly where she went fishing to catch those rock fish.  What a small world!!!  FUN!!


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