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Dying cat finds an unlikely friend

04:19 PM CDT on Wednesday, June 14, 2006



Margie Scott

A deer appears to comfort Sammy, who was critically ill with kidney failure.

BELLINGHAM, Wash. – Margie Scott was devastated when her 9-year-old cat Sammy was diagnosed with kidney failure, but she never could have predicted what would give her comfort during her pet’s last days.

Scott, who lives in an apartment just south of Lake Whatcom, had adopted the long-haired white and gray cat when he was just six months old.

Last month, Sammy stopped eating his dry food and would sit in a corner for hours. Scott took him to the vet, who treated him for dehydration. But it wasn’t enough.

“He was better for awhile, but then he started going downhill,” she said. “He just had this haunted look in his eyes.”

Because Sammy was declawed, he was strictly an indoor cat. But he always wanted to go outside. So, in his dying days, Scott decided to let Sammy spend some time outside each day. Sammy enjoyed his time outside the apartment, which is surrounded by woods and wetlands.

A family of deer regularly visits the complex, and one day, Sammy was sitting outside in the grass when two young deer happened by.

Scott watched in astonishment at what occurred next.

“One walked up to Sammy and they touched noses,” she said. “The deer jumped back and made a sort of a snorting noise, like he was sneezing. It seemed like he was taken by surprise,” she said.

What she saw next was even more surprising.

”The deer started licking him all around the head and neck, and Sammy just sat there allowing the deer to do this,” said Scott.

For several minutes, the young deer licked the small cat. Scott grabbed her camera and got a picture of the tender scene.

“It was amazing,” she said. “I truly believe the deer was able to sense that there was something wrong with Sammy and that was why he started licking him, like he was trying to nurture him.”

Two days later, Sammy died.

Though Scott is still grieving the loss of her cherished pet, she takes comfort in the photo she has of Sammy and the deer.

“I have some amazing memories, including this one,” she said.



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  1. Wow!  Animals do sense so much more than we know.  Loved your photos of the bear in the bird feeder. lol  I had an encounter with some bears once while camping.  Check out my blog and photo album from April 29. 
    I also have a link on the right side of my space you might enjoy.  After looking at your pictures of the birds in dresses, check out my dressed up geese in the yard. 
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Sometimes animals are alot smarter and INFINITLEY more sensitive than man.
    Great story. Hope things are well with you.

  3. Okay…I"m not going to try to look at the slideshow again…I tried twice and both times my computer froze…lol.  It was a very sweet story though.
    I just went and looked at the photos for your family reunion and ….WOW….you\’ve got a big family.  I couldn\’t believe how many people were in the last picture…lol. Very nice pictures BTW.
    My 21 year old cat died from kidney failure last year and during her last days, by big black cat who hates everyone and everything, laid by her side during her last hours and wouldn\’t leave her.  It was so sweet to see. 
    Hugs and Love…..Diane.

  4. Have a Great Weekend Goddess!

  5. hello.. just stopping by… wishing you a wonderful weekend..
    keep smiling.. keep shining and most of all keep safe
    smiles and hugssss

  6. I\’m such a sap. That story made me cry. I truely believe that animals have a "sense" about them. My mom had a cat that always knew when she was sick. Where ever she was hurting, the cat would try to lay on that spot. Stomach ache, he\’d curl up on her belly; headache, he\’s try to curl around her head… it was amazing, really. My cat always knows when I don\’t feel well and will "stand guard" beside me. This is why I love animals. Thay are to "in tune".

  7. Beautiful story!  Animals are a lot kinder than many humans.  I am sorry about the loss of your beloved pet.

  8. Hugssssssssssssssssss Wendy Rose,
    what a sweet story.  Made me cry.  sniff sniff.  I hate to lose my animals.  That was just to sweet.  Now the bear is another story…… I would have had a heart attack! Or shot up my whole house……lol
    Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend.

  9. That reminds me that I need to get ready for hunting season.  I kid, I kid – No, no – I don\’t hunt – unless it is at the supermarket.  That was a nice story.  Our cat would lay there long enough for the deer to get close and then he\’d try to attack it.

  10. Now aren\’t animals truly amazing.  Absolutely loved this story thanks for sharing it with us.  Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  11. Oh my gosh!!  What a sweet story! 
    It made me sad though.  I had a cat named Sammy who was 15 years old that died two summers ago of kidney failure.  It absolutely broke my heart.  But that the deer sensed something was wrong and instinctively tried to comfort is amazing.  So so sweet!


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