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To the cook in all of us

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  1. just space hopping, ciao

  2. hey, I love the muppet cook.  I use to LMAO watching those.  I hope this Blog entry finds you in great spirits.  I will have my tagged reply to you either today or tomorrw.  I have been so busy that I do not get too much time for myself lately.  So I am catching up.  Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. Woohoo, that\’s me 🙂  I cook but don\’t enjoy it… but i\’m getting a smidge better :)Have a great day!Karen

  4. LOL…I think it\’s so ironic that someone nominated my sister (Warm) for best space because she\’s totally against that sort of thing….as am I.  So I won\’t be voting for her….I wonder who it was who nominated her…obviously someone who doesn\’t know her very well……lol.
    Thank you so much for your thoughts on my last blog….I guess it is hurt that gets in the way.  I just wish he could get his life together…then maybe he would be happy and not so bitter.  It just would make life so much easier for everyone. He especially needs to get his own place…he lives in my son\’s basement.
    Have a wonderful day……Diane.

  5. Thank God for husbands who cook.

  6. good afternoon.. was not awake enough this morning to do my usual blog hoppiing.. LOL… eeekkkk.. i slept in and was late for work.. by 45 minutes.. running around in my nightgown the other teacher knocking lookin for a key to get in the building.. LOL.. was funnie… my son ttrying to tell me to hurry get ready for work.. so he went to fill in for me.. while i stayed behind to get ready for work.. LOL.. was such a site.. LOL… so trying to get in some hopping while i am on my lunch break.. whew… lol.. so crazy.. thank god it is the end of the school year.. can take a big huge sleeping in break.. lol.. anyways.. have a fun filled afternoon .. day … evenig now..
    smiles and hugssss

  7. Stepmonster... some call me wicked

    I love to cook…. love to cook so I don\’t have to vacuum and do laundry…. but I love take-out better, especially take-out that gets delivered right to your door……!  I think that tonight I will celebrate by ordering take-out.

  8. LOL …I wish I knew that earlier.  A girl at work would have appreciated that.  She has no business near the kitchen, it only results in injury.  LOL

  9. Hi Rosebay,
    Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I love nature. To me. it is the best "medicine" for what ails an individual.
    Have a most wonderful evening.

  10. Hi Rose
    Needed to pop in for a breath of fresh air.  Oh and just for the record……I\’m not a fan of Best of MSN Spaces, but I did find Indie\’s walk of fame totally different, and was quite pleased with the compliment.  Shhhhh but I guess my sis didn\’t read the blog too closely :|!
    Have a great day! ~hugs~

  11. Boy – And I thought I  made up reasons to celebrate!

  12. I am hoping there is still a roof over your head my dear!
    Take Care.

  13. i wish i had known this earlier. i ALWAYS need a good excuse for eating out. 
    how did alberto treat  you?  do you still have a roof?

  14. I used to watch the Muppets faithfully….I found them hysterical….and it was something that my kids and I could watch together.  I\’ll never forget that one scene in the Muppets Movie where Kermit was riding a bike…..I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair….lol.
    I look forward to coming to your space and seeing what pics you have…you just have the best pics I\’ve seen anywhere…..thanks.

  15. Hi there! Oh my goodness I love the newest pics you have up there! I was going through and all of a sudden I was like: "Hey, that looks like my dog.. and my horses!" LOL! Thanks for linking them!
    Where did you get those pics of the bear and the birdhouse? That is amazing! I have seen bear do some amazing things, but never tightrope walk!

  16. Just out blog surfing and  came across your space. Love our pictures, they are so cute.  I enjoy your sight a lot.  Hope all is well in your part of the world.

  17. Hey!  A Day for me!  And I mssed it…darn!  Apparently, we\’re dating the *same* guy–who knew there could be more than one!

  18. yay! accomplished or not, i\’m a chef 😀 that\’s all it matters.


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