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Well it looks as though Spaces has made the URL change. The photo albums are different. When you edit your Space, you can use this list to re-order your albums: Just click on the up or down arrow that displays when you hover your mouse over the album title in the list box.

Hmm what else? Did you know if you use messenger there is a setting that allows your contact card to connect to your Space.


Contact Card Settings

Do you want information from your space to appear on your contact card or cause a gleam icon to appear wherever someone sees you? Click to check or uncheck the box below and then click Save.

Information from my MSN space should appear on my contact card or cause others to see a gleam next to me.

Yes folks, I want to see your "gleam"  next to your name when I open messenger. So anyone find anything else interesting? Let me know.


Another change, the new Spaces module is now a map. How cool is that?


Check out the new modules. I have added the weather, quote for the day and horoscopes to name a few. 


Thank you Whispering Storm for the gift of gif. Everyone enjoy the rest of the week. 



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  1. OOOH, so thast why my photo album looks different.  Good luck with the storm.  Be careful!!!!!!

  2. I knew I wasn\’t seeing things lol Yes, I want to see gleams as well, great option!
    That\’s a lovely image!

  3. Hugsssssssssssssssssss Wendy Rose,
    Please be careful with those storms.  Hurricanes.  Where are the gleams? lol  I\’m so glad I didn\’t wake you the other night……lol But we have an hour time difference.  Your an hour ahead of me.  be safe my friend.
    Love ya,

  4. And here I thought it was just my eyes going again! Phew!
    Glad your safe…keep it that way! Take care. 

  5. Yes, I have noticed some changes.  I\’m not sure I like the photo album change but I haven\’t had enough time to check it all out.  The map is cool but how does it work??  I need a day off to figure these things out.
    Have a great night!

  6. Hey Rose,
    Thanks for the update. I was recentley in Southh Carolina this past weekend and i had some of the rain and all of that stuff so i know how it was where you are. i went to the beach on island of the palms and the waves wher huge!!!! I still swam though, IT WAS FUN!!!, but yes i hope the best for you and that storm. well i guess that i have to get back to work so i\’ll talk to you later.
    The Beaner

  7. Thank you for all the info. You know us spacers always looking for other cool things to do around here. 🙂
    And, As much as I try to ignore "Haters" in my space, sometimes it gets on my last never though. If people want to take shots at me for making decisions that may not look right to them. I\’m all for it. However, the minute they mention my daughter. oh boy, I become a mad women. She is my life as you probrably already know.
    People are evil. They have nothing better to do. they go around mistreating people.
    I\’m going to stop at Church tonight and pray for that type person.
    Thanks for defending me:) Have a great rest of the week:)
    – C


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