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Horse 2

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A woman is driving on the road &    a man is driving in the opposite direction, on that same road

& When they pass each other, the woman rolls down her window and shouts "HORSE!"

Immediately the man shouts back, "Bit**!" The man laughs because he is happy to have reacted so quickly to the shouting woman, and takes the turn in the road with high speed.



 The moral: Men never understand what women say.

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  1. They get what they give, don\’t they!!  Stupid, stupid men~
    (that photo kinda creeps me out, though!)

  2. DEAR LORD!!  This one is HILARIOUS!!!
    HUGS!!  🙂

  3. Funny joke….awful picture….do you know if that horse was okay??
    I actually tagged 3 men… never get tagged and it\’s not fair that they miss the fun, right??
    I really wasn\’t being serious with my answers…lol….just kidding around.  I have a very sweet man in my life and he\’s not rich…lol.

  4.   OMFG    Men Jokes AAAYYYYYYY?
    Well, I have a horse\’s ass joke coming to mind but I will hold off.  LOL
    You need to read the last joke of my June 1 blog.  It is in line with your man does not understand theme.  Wait, am I on venus and you on Mars or is that the other way around.  Heck, who listens to that junk…..  Where is the remote??????    Where in God\’s name is the REMOTE?  Oh, I\’m sitting on it.   Whew!

  5. I have come to realize that fact during the past 50 years.  LOL I enjoyed that!

  6. Oh my lord, is that pic for real??? That poor horse! A man in the community I used to live in had a deer jump into his truck like that. Another guy died from the same thing – deer went through the windshield, lived, went crazy in the cab and killed the man with it\’s hooves.
    Men… they should listen to us!!

  7. Poor freakin\’ horse!
    maybe if you girls said something worth listening to a little bit more consistently, we would actually pick up on your lone nuggets of useful information (ducks as a draft horse is thrown at him)!
    Oh man, those driftwood horses are an absolute work of art! Way too cool! 

  8. I play Backgammon on MSN Games. But that all ends on June 19th. Nooner101 is my MSN Games nic.  Add me to Friends List and say Hi if you see me.

  9. YAB - YA Blog at the Independence Public Library

    POOR HORSE…  What was it doing on the road…  BAD OWNER!

  10. Hehehe I admit it………I\’m a fan of the men jokes!!!!!!  Okay before I hit the hay I\’m going to try and do the tag 🙂
    Have a great day tomorrow!

  11. Its like you can see right through me…….

  12. hahahahahahaha!!! suit them well!

  13. And they never respond soon enough. 
    The cool thing about comments is that when you edit, you\’ll see this near the top, but it\’s unlikely anyone else will see it.
    Yes – I read the Regulators.  I seldom read anything besides tech manuals, so when I do find fiction I like it\’s a big deal – I went crazy on both of these books – it was very interesting how they were similar yet different.  I don\’t recall the movie, however.


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