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8 points of the perfect lover

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I have been tagged by Tess. I am supposed to describe 8 points of the perfect lover.

Here are the rules:

1. The tagged person has to come up with 8 different points of the perfect lover.

2. The tagged person needs to mention the sex of the target.

3. The person tagged needs to tag 8 victims to play this game and leave a comment saying they have been tagged.

4. If tagged a second time, no need to post again.

1. Breathing.

2. Male.

3. Walks upright without knuckles dragging.

4. Taller than myself.

5. Has working tools.

6. Knows to lift the seat and occasionaly does so.

7. Not wanted by the law or child enforcement.

8. Will tolerate my mother.


See, I’m not picky. Anyone? Anyone? Aww he**


So now I have to tag 8 people. Any volunteers? Donna, Karen, Kim, Bruce and Sharon (yes I want her to write one), Diane, Warm, Heather, Michael T





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  1. Well, I fail with #3 and MAAAAYBE #5, depending on your interpretation!
    I thought you were a nice person right up to the point you A/C on until Oct. By Oct here i am scraping icicles off my non-functioning tools (!) 
    As for the Florida living crack, well thats just plain cruel! 

  2. Those points are great – and well worth sticking to.  WooHoo!!!

  3. I will definitely give this a shot, but it will have to wait for later as I\’m taking the man child out for a birthday supper.  Mind you, after talking to one of his teachers today, he almost ended up with bread and water LOL!

  4. Stepmonster... some call me wicked

    Your points to a perfect lover are not so bad….it\’s amazing how many men wouldn\’t fit into the category.

  5. Hiya Wendy:  I got your tag…lol…I\’ll do my best….at my age I\’m not sure if I can remember what a perfect lover is like.
    The video about the horse in the car is hysterical….and the driftwood horses are amazing.

  6. I will do this soon, I promise 🙂

  7. Sharon and I will do this later this week. No lawn today – have to go down to Boston. Bye.


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