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Cat’s revenge

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Dear Dog,

I am soooo sorry about you being sent to the dog pound for the broken lamp which you did not break; the fish tank you did not spill over; and the carpet that you did not wet; or the wall that you did not dirty with red paint…

But things here at the house really are calmer now, and just to show you that there are no hard feelings between us, I am sending you a picture, so you will always remember me.

Best regards,

The Cat


PS Thanks for the bath


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  1. Aww, poor doggie.  It sort of looks like Fritz.

  2. Hi, and thanks for stopping by!  You\’ve got some great posts here, I\’ll be back when I can stay a little longer.  -cindy

  3. Wondering Rahab

    I am no re-thinking the idea of getting a dog.  Because I am SURE my cat is smart enought to ACTUALLY pull that off!  Scary huh?

  4. LOL!!!! Too cute!!

  5. That is soooooooooooooo true, the snotty a$$ed cat! (I\’m a dog man as you can see!)
    Thanks for stopping by.

  6. I knew those lousy house detroying varmits could write.  I thought all those nasty notes in my house were from my wife, but now I realize they are from one or more of the 4 legged fur balls ripping my couch apart.  I guess I better apologize again to the spousal unit.  Heck, Every night when I get home from a long 12 hours at the office, I first walk in and say I\’m sorry.  That way I am one up.  It never works, I have to repeat myself at least 20 times before I hit the cat, I mean sack….

  7. Love this one!  And I can so totally see my Garfield treating a poor defenseless dog that way.
    Glad you had a lovely Mother\’s Day :-), have a wonderful wednesday too!

  8. ROFLMAOOOO…….that\’s a good one…..I knew that cat would win out in the end.
    I know I\’ve said this before, but it bears repeating>>>>>you have the best pictures……I love them !!

  9. LMAo thats sooo funny!
    Just stopping in to say Hi 🙂

  10. TOO FUNNY!!!!!  Paybacks are hell!  Especially from a cat!

  11. That was a funny video at nooners space.   NO, I dont know a thing about birds, I just "cut and pasted" that article from our paper.

  12. That\’s great!  My cat and dog have a love/hate relationship.  I wish they could get along but it doesn\’t seem as if they ever will.  When I read these cute messages from the dog and the cat I can\’t help but wonder what goes on in my animals minds.  LOL  Who knows what goes on around the house when I\’m gone.

  13. Hiiiii!  I almost called to tell you that I have a secret!  Bet you know what it is just by saying that.  Anyway, I\’ve been thinking about you for the last couple of days and wanted to say hi while you were on my mind…  without disturbing your evening. 😀  I\’ll talk to you soon!

  14. They say that Dog\’s have Owners and Cat\’s have Staff! I truly believe that. Probably why we only have dogs!!! LOL


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