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When my son was young he was involved in Boy Scouting. Now that he is grown I often visit Bruce, the scout leader to see what the kids are doing. I found this video (if the one in player is loading slow you can download through link) of a scout trying to get a badge. Hmmmm, maybe manners should have come first.   
Isn’t he cute?!

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  1. Hello Rose 🙂
    I love your tagline "life begins everyday" I try to live by that motto, it really makes sense to me the older I get, and the different phases my life goes through.
    Thought it was time I popped in on you, I\’ve seen you on my sister\’s space, and if I\’m not mistaken you have visited me.  So hello 🙂 it\’s lovely to meet you.
    Now since I\’m having trouble with Filelodge, I think I shall check out the "File Hut" you have posted on here.  Have a wonderful night!

  2. I know who the picture\’s of!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my space, Rose.  What a delightful space you have here.  MT

  4. Hi W………..Just a few more days…:)  Is it my pc or doesnt that video work?
    That was a good idea, maybe I\’ll have a Chinese word/words of the day.

  5. HOLY COW, is that your son???  He\’s adorable!!  I love that picture!
    We\’re in Atlanta right now, and enjoying it.. mostly.  We\’re a little discouraged with the house hunting.  We went all through the two towns we were really hoping to get into but the neighborhoods are questionable…  😦  We\’re going to go a little further south this afternoon and then tomorrow, we\’re going to spend the day north of here.  WE\’LL SEE.  In the meantime, this weekend\’s gonna be crazy…  We\’re driving in and getting in late Friday…  Saturday, we\’ll be cleaning and Jonathan leaves early afternoon Sunday.  I was telling him that we had to get together before we left and he said that we might have to go without him *pout*  *pout*  He IS commuting 400+ miles every week for work, so I guess I can\’t be too mad, right?  🙂
    I\’ll talk to you soon.  🙂

  6. The teddy bears and horsemen are neat. Thanks. How goes the week?

  7. Happy Wednesday!  Yes, I\’m in NY, near Albany, it\’s nice here in late spring, summer and fall …winters are long but not as long as they are in Buffalo.  Algebra went well, a lot of it came back to me but I had problems with some of it.  Now I have a week off to blog.  LOL

  8. Stopping by to say \’hi.\’  I hope things are going well for you this week.  I love the picture of the young scout.  He is indeed cute!

  9. LOLOLOL….good video….took awhile to load, but it was worth it.
    Is that a picture of your Son in the scout uniform??…..He\’s adorable.
    I really hate this tension every time my daughter-in-law\’s Mom visits…..but, most of all, I feel sorry for my daughter-in-law because her Mom doesn\’t live here and she doesn\’t get to see her very often and every single visit is spoiled by my Son loosing his temper.  He needs to chill out a learn to roll with the punches.  I\’ve tried to tell him a million times to just ignore the comments she makes…..oh well, she\’ll be leaving soon.


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