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I interupt this regularly scheduled posting to announce that WE HAVE RAIN!!!  
Little dog loves the rain and when it started this morning (complete with thunder and lightening) he couldn’t wait to go outside. He scratched at the door and jumped into bed to make sure I was awake. He runs outside and gets all wet then he comes inside and does the dive on the floor. Big dog on the other hand I have to shove out the door or go out with him. My poor orange tree was starting to wither without any rain. I could see the tree reaching up to the sky, leaves extended, gather all it could.
Have a great rainy day!!!


National Guard battles Fla. fires – U.S. Life –


Wildfires scorch Florida

May 10: Rain brings little relief to firefighters battling wildfires in Florida that have burned thousands of acres and blanketed highways with thick smoke. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.


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  1. Funny that you welcome the rain and I couldn\’t wait for it to end yesterday ~ even though we needed it.  It was dark and gloomy but today promises to be much better.  Your little dog sounds like quite the character.

  2. The rain is coming to Maine tomorrow….and it\’s only been gone for 4 days!!!  AARRRGGGHHH!!!!  🙂


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