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Have you seen my music list? I think it is quite a list. Please visit it (under the world map). Some of the items go to blog entries with the lyrics and some are just downloads. If it asks open or save- save, it’s faster. Let me know your favorite. Enjoy your weekend. 
Photographs – Nickelback
Featuring The King and the trip to Buffalo
Alcohol – Brad Paisley
so true
Falling Out of Love
Feeling a little blue
An old favorite
Would You Change?
Lyrics 10/14/05
Swing Life Away – Rise Against
Sit on front porches and swing life away
If Everyone Cared
Feels Good Inc. – Gorillaz
Grammy Nominee
Sometime You Can’t Make It On Your Own – U2
Grammy Winner
Aquarium – The Spirit Music Jamia: Dance of the Infidel
Grammy Nominee
At Last – Etta James
Happy Valentine’s Day
Far Away – Nickelback
Video – My favorite for the moment
Tim McGraw
Live Like You Were Dying
Everything Changes
Queen Latifa
California Dreamin’
Madeline Peyroux
Dance With Me to The End of Love
Get This Party Started
The Killers
All These Things That I Have Done
Jack Johnson
Where Did All The Good People Go

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  1. hugsssssssssss Wendy Rose,
    Thank you so much for the lovely card and birthday wishes.  You got one coming soon to. I have had a great day.  It is not over yet! lol
    Have a great weekend.

  2. εїз TïŇk€яβ€łL εїз

    Just stopping by to wish you an early birthday!!! Hope it\’s a good one 🙂

  3. I just went through your great pictures again. You put the Fire Academy picture in just to see if anyone would really catch it, didn\’t you? So, we have a birthday coming along. Hmmm! Hope you have a super weekend. We\’re off to Rhode Island tomorrow for a couple days. Our youngest son (25) officially graduates from college Sunday.

  4. Hiya Rose:  I got the "mouse signing my name" from a site for name animations.  I typed name animations into Google and I think it was one of the first sites on the list.  Sorry I can\’t tell you better than that; but I didn\’t save it.  Hope you can find it.
    I\’m going to come back later and check out your song list….it looks great.
    Chow for now…..Diane.


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