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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!


To see the the video go to AtomFilms



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  1. AWWWWWW Rose…..thank you so much for the kazillion hugs….made me feel all warm and fuzzy…..I very much appreciate it……talk to you soon.
    Huggies back at ya…..Diane.
    P.S. and thank you for the compliment on my graphics….sometimes I like to get creative.

  2. Happy to you too.  My neighbors and I just celebrated Quatro de Mayo ~ and WooHoo!  was it fun!!!  Nothing like getting an early start on the weekend…too bad I have to work tomorrow…

  3. tsk tsk……..celebrating Cinco Deny-O?

  4. I just got a chance to look through all your new pictures! Those are soooo cute!!! I went through them twice they were so cute!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Hiya Rose:  That version of "California Dreamin" was very pretty….nice change…but, I\’m afraid (being a child of the 60\’s) I gotta say I like the original better…
    Chow for Now……Diane.

  6. WOW……I just had a look through the new pics……they\’re great.  Where do you get them?

  7. I have to go along with K.T.  I am boycotting Sink Hole Deny O.  I will not have any mexican food, beer, thoughts about mexico  and lastly, I will only speak ENGLISH while obeying all laws of the land. 
    Where the heck is my AMERICAN FLAG,  Oh, its on the house already.  Have a truly wonderful American weekend…


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