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Teacher Appreciation Week

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  1. I love this pic…and I LMFAO @ the video!!  🙂

  2. Teachers are overworked and underpaid just to name a couple of things.  I have the greatest respect and amiration for them!

  3. Great video! and no one says it better than Maxine . . .
    Thanks for visiting, too!  -cindy

  4. My wife was a Biology teacher at two different High Schools in Gilbert AZ.  She started out at $26K per year and was forced to go for her Masters to stay employed and move up the pay scale.  She received her waste of time masters at ASU and was rewarded with a whole $1500 pay raise.  The Master cost us over $4000.  She taught for 6 years and ended up with a $30k salary.  She left when she became pregnant with our daughter and the school system begged here to return.  You see, my wife stayed after school almost every day to assist those needing extra help and also volunteered to facilitate the honors science club.  The school district loved her.  She gave it her all. 
    She now gives it her all with our two children.  You see, after she worked in the school system, and tried to make a difference, she new it would never get better.  That was 12 years ago, and we now Home School. due to both of our experiences in schools.  Now some folks think that mean putting the kids in closets and they have no social life.  No Way!  We have our kids involved in three sports, ballet, music lessons, recreation events and park days.  We also have a schedule for learning time and chore time.  It was the hardest and best decision we ever make. 
    So where am I going with this:  I agree, teachers are not treated the way you want to be treated.  They are indeed underpaid and over worked, regardless of the ignorant statement "you have the summers off."  I think you get rid the state middle fat cats, union, and school districts.   I believe ALL schools should have the same rules, expectation,  and money available to teach our kids effectively, keep our talented teachers, and drive our country to higher expectation.
    Sorry for being so wordy, but I really of a passion about our schools and teachers.
    Oh, Great video too.

  5. Hi, hi, hi!  Did you get my message?  😀  😀

  6. Hugsssssssssssssssss wendy rose,
    yep, my birthday is the 5th of may and yours is the 13th.  Right?  Thank for the Teacher thing. I have some great friends that are teachers.  I was gonna be one, but did not happen….lol how did you do that thing on the side with your favorites and stuff? lol I\’m nosey.
    Have a great day!

  7. Great accolade. I was a substitute teacher for 2-1/2 years and I guarantee that good teachers earn all they are paid. I came home at the end of one day and told Sharon I was considering ending my teaching days. The next afternoon after bus duty I went upstairs to my room and found a teacher crying her eyes out; someone I knew and highly respected. I went home and told Sharon that if she can teach for all these years and still go back every day, I will continue. I remember those days being told by two 5th graders to go — you know what. Another time two boys were chasing another around the room trying to hit him with a wooden chair – five teachers trying to bring it under control. Enough of that. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!
    Rose – go with it.

  8. Stephen Craig

    Dear Rose,  Thank you for stopping by the Painting Studio and for your comments.  Yes, the paintings are mine as are the words.  Though the artist and poet have little patience for teaching.  I pray that the works inspire others to go on and do good great works that inspire others.  Through no fault of my own, this has happend in my life time and it is a rich reward for my vocation.  Thank you again, and as ever be well.  Stephen Craig Rowe

  9. Wondering Rahab

    Thank you for the candle.  That was very sweet.

  10. Hi Rose
    Love that thief video.Haha too funny


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