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Why God Made Pets

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They help out around the house…























They protect our children …

They look out for the smaller ones …

They show us how to relax …


They  "converse" with each other.














They help you when you’re down …

They are great at decorating for the Holidays .

They have "great" expectations.

They are Patriotic.


They are happy to "test" the water …

They love their "teddies."


They know who’s "BOSS."

AND  – They know when we need a good LAUGH!


It is done by moving the corners of the mouth upward.



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  1. I LOVE the sopping wet kitty!  LMFAO!!  🙂

  2. Oh this is one of my favorites! I can never get enough "cute pet pics" in me! Love it!!

  3. OH WOW…..I love those pictures…..they bring a smile to my face.  The blog from yesterday is close to my heart.  My son does Foster Care for the SPCA…that\’s how I ended up with all three of my cats….lol.
    Thank you so much for visiting my space and leaving such a nice comment.  And thank you also for The "Mouse Video" playing in you media player…..that\’s the absolute best laugh I\’ve had in a long, long time…  By the way, where did you get that video?  I would love to have it on my site if that would be okay with you.
    Your space is so dear to me because of your obvious love of animals…I\’ll be back if that\’s okay?
    Keep Your Stick on the Ice…….Diane.

  4. P.S.  I added you to my favourites so it will be easier to come back.  If you would rather I take you off just let me know and I will…….Thank You……Diane.

  5. Aww……cute pics again.  Makes me want to get a dog again.

  6. Hi Rosemary! Just trying to catch up with all my space friends. Sorry I\’ve been MIA for so long but the more spaces I go to I find I wasn\’t the only one. I thought that when I got this new job that things would slow down. Instead the overtime is killing me. But they tell me that they finally have everything straightened out and I get to go back to 4-10 hour days instead of 72 hour weeks. Yeah, sure. I hope they are right but I\’ll just have to wait and see. I hope you and your family have a Happy Easter if it\’s a holiday you celebrate. If not, I still wish you and your family the best! And I will try not to stay away so long again.


    PS – You always have the best pet pictures! These are just darling…..

  7. Absolutely precious!! 

  8. Thanks for stopping by and the wishes.  LMAO!!!  How did you
    guess my secret???  Yes I did plan it that way but not for that
    reason.  He always remembered my birthday.  I just figured
    this way he wouldn\’t have to get two gifts.  Just one big good
    one.  LOL!

    Pst…..don\’t tell.  HaHa!  Thanks again!


  9. You always find the best pics!  That poor kitty in the sink …he\’s so funny. 

  10. You really do find the greatest pictures. The one of the black lab and kitten looks familiar, however, the last one of the cat in the sink is outstanding. "Just Imagine" in your media player is BEAUTIFUL. It is so fascinating to watch her.


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