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Ren & Stimpy – dedicated to Alicia and Laine

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I visited Alicia’s Space yesterday and she was talking about her son’s dance from cartoon world. I’ve had this video (click to play) waiting for the day to use it. This was my son’s favorite cartoon. I didn’t always agree with it but I have to admit, I watched it. We would get up on Saturday and watch it together. The on a very special day, Nickelodeon Live came to town. So we went. We were sitting, waiting for the show, the lights went down and Ren & Stimpy appeared. Now imagine, if you will, a totally packed Bayfront Center with 8,000 seats and the entire audience did the "stand up, sit down dance" to Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy. It was hysterical and a memory for life. Thanks to Alicia for the memory. Enjoy!!!


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  1. Hello I was just out blogwalking the 40 + ring! I seem to have run into your blog! To be honest I bumped my head on it! Ouch! LOL You have a very nice site here and I will be coming back to visit often. I hope that you will drop by The Kavern sometime and visit with me.
    Take care and I hope you have a great weekend,

  2. HOW did you KNOW how much I love Ren & Stimpy??  LMFAO!!  Giong to watch the clip now…THANKS!!!!  🙂

  3. I like your spaces!  You have lots of cool pictures !!!  Hope you have the opportunity to visit my spaces also 🙂

  4. how about haggis mchaggis?


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