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Has anyone tried the new email interface? Kinda cool. If anything says "Beta" Wendy is trying it and I do put it to the test. Some of the features:


  • Automatic spell check.
  • Cool new colors.
  • Get quick previews of your e-mail with the Reading Pane. Cruise from message to message without re-loading a new page each time. See the full content with one click. 
  • You just got e-mail from an unrecognized sender. A single click deletes the mail and reports the sender as a junk e-mailer. Wait, it’s actually from a friend of yours? No problem, a single click teaches Windows Live Mail beta to always allow e-mail from that address.
  • Windows Live Mail beta will warn you when it seems like someone is trying to "phish" for your personal information, and let you zap their e-mail off the face of the earth.

  • Right click power, activate! Right click on a message to reply, delete, or almost anything else. It works for folders, too.
  • Grab it, drag it, drop it in a folder. You are now officially a power user. 
  • Start typing a name and—pow!—up pops a list of possible recipients from your contact list. Click on the one you want and you’re done.
  • You think only a slowpoke would use a mouse? Okay—go nuts with these keyboard shortcuts. More to come.
  • Bold or meek, colorful or bland: Make your mail just the way you want. Add a couple Mr. Smiles or Mr. Frowny Faces for good measure.
  • You want storage? You want enough storage for 1,000 hi-res photos? You got it. 2GB worth.* 

  • The hassle of having to remember to cc: yourself every time you wanted to keep an outgoing e-mail is now history.  Our new version does it for you.

Very cool, huh?  Give it a try.

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  1. Thank you for the visit,not sure how that puppy got in amongst them might be spy.I have live beta ,mail,messenger,live windows  and  live windows safety

  2. Thanks for the photo!  I Laughed my ass off!!  🙂


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