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Snowball the Monster Cat

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Can you believe the size of this cat?!!!


‘Snowball,’ a monster cat owned by Rodger Degagne of Ottawa, Canada. Mr. Degagne had supposedly adopted Snowball’s mother (a normal-sized cat) after finding her abandoned near a Canadian nuclear lab. She later gave birth to Snowball, who proceeded to grow into the oversized, 87-pound cat which ‘Mr. Degagne’ was shown holding.



Snowball the Monster Cat




BTW – Happy April’s Fools Day (click for link)


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  1. I\’ve seen him before…he is the BIGGEST cat I\’ve EVER seen!
    Hope you have a GREAT weekend!  🙂

  2. That CAT isn\’t an April Fool\’s joke, manufactured on photoshop or something?  HOLY COW!

  3. Thanks for todays contribution.

  4. HAHAHA….you got me.  You can\’t believe anything you see in pictures any more.  LOL
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  5. Damn, sometimes I hate being blonde.

  6. hugssssssssss wendy rose,
    I have seen that before and I know it is a hoax…  But still a big cat.  Have a great day.

  7. 真有这么大的猫吗?


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