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"With the capacity to love, comes the necessity to mourn."

Alan Wolfelt, Ph.D.



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  2. I just got around to peeking in on my guestbook. Thanks for commenting and complimenting my pictures. That was very nice of you and you are more than welcome to "steal" whatever you want. 😉

  3. Hello…
    Just wanted to let you know that I actually looked at the themes and noticed this theme.  It did not suit me like it does you ;D
    If you don\’t mind, I will come back and wander through your space from time to time…
    I loved the quote by the way.  I loved it even though it reminds me that sometimes…just on the other side of happiness is lurking sadness. 

  4. normally I go to every ones space who stoped by mine.  you came to my space a while back.  sorry it to so long for me to respond.  I am finally having a good day no nausea yet.  I am looking forward for these nine months to pass
    lots of love

  5. Popping in to say "howdy"
    we don\’t live to far apart
    I live in northern Clearwater between Clearwater and Dunedin
    I was born in Largo

  6. hugssssssssssssssssssssssssss Wendy Rose,
    Nice quote.  I also loved the kids thing below.  some really smart kids. you just have to love em.  Sry it has been so long since I left a comment.  I been so busy with mom.  she is getting stronger.  have a great day.  🙂


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