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Tagged By Kim – 6 strange things about me

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I was tagged by Kim  for 6 strange things about myself so here they are:
1. I’m addicted to spearmint . The ones that are in the gold wrapper with green print. You might not think this is a problem but last year when they decided to change the wrapper, they removed all the rolls from the shelves. Since then it is a hunt to find them and when I do, I buy at least 5 rolls.
2. Unlike my tagger, I love cheese. In all forms and flavors. Cheese calzone is a staple in my diet and it is my lunch every Monday. This is my "comfort" food.
3. I don’t like sweets. This includes chocolate. I know, I know, how could I not like chocolate?! Although occasionally, I will eat one square of dark chocolate. I don’t eat cakes or cookies and I do not sweeten my tea (contrary to the "Southerner" post).
4. I am never on time to work but would never be late for anything else. I am usually 15 minutes early for everything else.
5. My big meal of the day is lunch and I eat only a snack or sandwich for dinner. BTW- I haven’t cooked in 15 months!!!
6. I bought a house for 5 adults, 2 kids (sometimes 3 kids) and 2 dogs. Within 5 months it was just me and two dogs. I have four bedrooms, two livingrooms, two baths and a kitchen/dining area. I spend 95% of my time in my master bedroom. My bedroom is the size of an efficiency apartment. Needless to say, the house is for sale.
I now tag Kim aka TYM2LIV , Patricia, Alicia, Bruce, Dietrich and Heather.      

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  1. You dont like sweets?  I\’m addicted to them. 

  2. Great list!  I\’m so happy you played along.  Can you tell me how to turn a link into a name like you did it this blog?  For the life of me I cannot figure it out.  LOL
    I love sweets!  I\’ve never met a cookie I didn\’t like 🙂

  3. Very interesting!  Now I\’m going to do it, but first I have to rush around town for the next 3 hours.   zoom zoom!! …

  4. hi rosebay, omg u dont like chocolate?  how can u not like chocolate?
    thanks for coming by to ask about Bella (nice to know you thought of her again)  She\’s doing just great thanks, eating as if its going out of fashion tho !  She\’s not straying too far from home now, just sits on next doors fence and watches the world go by.   Im a nervous wreck everytime i let her out tho…call her every half hour just to see her little white head pop up over the fence lol
    hope everything is okay at your end hun, im off to eat some chocolate now  hehehehehe
    love n hugs

  5. Thanks for the tag. I\’m going to have to think long and hard about strange things about myself. At least when you do have a piece of chocolate it is dark chocolate – the best chocolate. One of my sons does not like ice cream. What can I say about that? I\’ll work on the strange things in the morning. Getting ready to take the scouts down to the big city of Manchester for a hockey game.
    I do love your list. Numbers 4 and 6 stand out.

  6. How cute!  I love these strange-things posts–they\’re so telling and fun!  😀  xoxoxo

  7. I did this one on Feb. 24th if you\’re interested in my habits….
    HUGS!!  🙂


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