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Never say can’t

You have probably heard this story already but it is an inspiration.
Jason McElwain, an autistic high school basketball team member in Rochester NY, served as the coach’s assistant and spirit leader for several years. On the final game of the season the coach let him finally put on a jersey with the rest of the team. Watch what happens then…"


Pretty amazing stuff!

Read more on the story here.

     "My first shot was an air ball (missing the hoop), by a lot, then I missed a lay-up," McElwain recalls. "As the first shot went in, and then the second shot, as soon as that went in, I just started to catch fire."

"I’ve had a lot of thrills in coaching," Johnson says. "I’ve coached a lot of wonderful kids. But I’ve never experienced such a thrill."





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  1. Just cuz I have all the books doesn\’t mean I\’ve read them.
    sssshhhhh, don\’t tell anybody~

  2. I thought I had read about the mayonnaise jar and coffee somewhere. It must have been here. The story above is fantastic. I saw the entire clip on ESPN. Made me chill all over. Hope you\’re having a great week – down there – where it\’s warm!

  3. Hi there, and thanks so much for signing my page.  Yes, an amazing kid and I was awed to see his story in the papers and on TV.
    Just goes to show that people who live life despite circumstances that may have happened to them, and live without excuses are going to shine like a star.
    All the best,

  4. 这里的动物很有趣
    Here animal is very interesting

  5. Hi Rose!
    Thanks for stopping by my site the other day.  Funny we haven\’t met sooner…I visit Kim, Scooter\’s Mom and Tom the King.  BlogLand can be quite small in the grand scheme of things!
    So, you are a fellow Stephen King lover, eh?  Do you wanna be my friend?? <laughing> I am alsmost done with The Wizard in the Glass and I am getting a little frantic b/c I don\’t have The Wolves of Calla…and I HAVE to see where the story is going!! I may have to go buy it this weekend! I, too, have read all the Flowers in the Attic series…I tried to read some other VC Andrews books…but none of them seem to compare to Flowers so I just didn\’t get into them.
    The stove is actually my sister\’s…we live with her b/c we are building a house.  What a LONG process that is!  Anyhow, we are trying to convince her to buy a NEW stove…but she seems pretty intent on buying a used one.  I think a used one will proably blow up too…but it\’s not my decision to make!!  🙂
    Take Care and we will have to do this MUCH more often!!   

  6. Why do you think I keep asking you if you\’re coming?!


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