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Happy Valentine’s Day!

At Last – Etta James
Click to play- One of my favorite love songs


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  1. oh….. At Last…. one of the prettiest love songs ever. Now I have to go break out my Etta James CD!

  2. Your Score was: 49
    I took the Dr. Phil test that you had posted–I thought it was funny that our scores were almost identical–it makes me wonder what YOU answered!  🙂
    Valentine\’s Day!  My sister and I just had this whole conversation and then ended up deciding that because our husbands don\’t get us anything for the rest of the year (who even though they don\’t are still sweethearts!), we deserve something on Valentine\’s Day!  lol  Well, maybe, right?  So I guess I kind of like the holiday if only for the reason that if forces my guy to think about the flowers and the chocolates (that wreck my diet!:D) and the going-out-to-eat so we can look at each other and hold hands and other icky public displays of affection…  lol  😀
    Of course with Scooter around, we have to pay more attention to HIM than to our relationship, but I guess that\’s the way it goes.  🙂  At least until he\’s 25 or so…  😀

  3. hugssssssssssssssssssssss Wendy Rose,
    lmaooooooooooo you hate Valentine\’s Day but you put up a really Nice card to all………lol  I\’m starting to hate them all!  lol Love is over rated. lol  I guess it is when you get married. lol Mine left me a card on the table with a monkey in a too-too.  It said Happy Valentine\’s from your favorite Pain in the Butt! He got that right……… I got him a single red rose and a tiny box of candy and a card… I expected at least one flower……..but ah well.  So, I\’m not gonna say it either since you hate it…….lol  Have a great Tuesday……lol
    Rosemary xoxox

  4. hahahahahaaa – You posted a comment to me before I put up my post and before I even read yours.
    My sentiments exactly!
    Have a great TUESDAY!

  5. AWWW… Big hugs to you on your most hated day!  lol  HEY!!, How come you havent signed up for the blogging convention?

  6. OK. I think I get the message. It was a bit difficult to cipher your sentiments. I wondered what that card was all about this morning that I found on the kitchen from Roscoe the dog. Hmmmm. Well, anyway, today hasn\’t seemed much different than any other day now that you mention it. The sun is out. Wait a minute. That\’s different. The temperature is in the low 40s. Wow. That is different. What I really want is SPRING!
    Happy today to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Here are some chocolates!  🙂   Wishing you a happy February 14th!

  8. Happy Valentines Day….Kiss and more!

  9. Had to listen to this a couple of times…love it…have you heard Della Reese sing "Don\’t You Know"…love that one, too…

  10. I LOVE this song! It\’s just so sweet and perfect!!!


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