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Talking about MSN – Music: 2006 Grammy Nominees – Rock Tracks


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  1. 1. All these things that i have done
    2. Doesnt remind me
    3. Best of you
    4. hand that feeds
    But I have better choices!

  2. Hi wendy rose, because of MSN I had to move to my Christmas site which is now under constructon.  hugsssssssss

  3. Hey Wendy!   I like BB King, too 🙂  I haven\’t listened to any Madeline Peyroux, but I\’ll check it out.  I\’ll definitely be sharing more music once Spaces is sorted out.  I\’ll bring out the "good stuff" then 🙂
    I saw Brendan Fraser in George of the Jungle not so long ago on dvd.  I like him.  Brendan good actor.  Movie make me feel good.

  4. Hmmm…how do some make the 2005 list when they were released in 2004?

  5. It\’s not polite to kiss and tell PLUS he reads my site.  Well, it\’s only cuz he reads my site!  I\’m not that polite~I\’d rather dish!
    I\’m gonna have to go with Mudvayne.  Although, none of my real favorites are on this list.  And every time I try to check one out my computer crashes!!!!
    Keep Smilin~

  6. Would you believe I don\’t recognize half of the names of the
    groups/artists?  AND, I\’ve never heard of any of those
    songs!!!  😀


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