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Well friends, been really, really busy at work so that’s why I brought an entry out from the past. I needed a little attitude adjustment today so…

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  1. TOO CUTE! I actually jumped when lightening struck. :DSo are you getting a million phone calls about your house??????

  2. That was good. I love maxine! Have a great day!hugsssssssssssss wendy rose,Rosemary

  3. I just love your site!!! Always good for a smile~Your comment today was perfect – thanks! I\’m on to better things – no sweat!

  4. Hi Wendy! My new website is now up and running.www.db3video.comCome check it out!

  5. So funny! I think in my later life I have morphed into Maxine!!

  6. W:  Excuses, excuses!!!  BTW, what is work?  I may take your advise about the DVR.

  7. Ain\’t it something when yer "give a sh** meter" gets stuck?  Patience, my foot… I like things to happen correctly and NOW…  hugs, lottiemae


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