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Make your dreams come true day


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  1. ahh! your name is Wendy! I was always calling you Rosebay 🙂 Wendy, has MSN Spaces been really slow for you? I know that a few others, such as me, have had lots of difficulty lately. Yesterday in the daytime, I couldn\’t even log in to my space. Then last night it worked like a charm. Today back to square one, i.e. it took me about 2 – 3 minutes for your site to come up when I clicked on your link from my own space.

  2. lol Dietrich, I said the same thing about her name. Nice blog today Wendy Rose. Happy make your dream come true day too! I have no clue what i\’m dreaming of. lol A nice vacation with some money to spend. lolbig hugssssssssssssssssRosemary

  3. W: Shouldnt "dream day" be next monday? MLK day? "I had a dream" I dream for a working MSN spaces!!!!!!!!Love the bloopers, esp that song.K.T.

  4. hugsssssssssss Wendy Rose,Have a great day!Rosemary

  5. Hi, Cute Girl!I miss my manamana song! Maybe you can alternate… every other week put MY (not Scooter\’s) video back on! :)It\’s almost Friday!! Hope you have something fun (or quiet) planned for the weekend. :Dxoxo


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