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The lion in the mirror

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Happy 2006!

new year brings a time of self reflection.  As a kitten looking
into the mirror I hope that I am seeing the lion inside of me. 

This past year has been an incredible experience for me. I went from
having a full house to the "empty nest" and learning to enjoy my own
company again. When you are a full time caregiver you tend to put your
own needs aside and forget your own dreams and hopes. Having the time
to discover myself again was a gift.

This year I found a community of new friends. Friends that stretch
across miles that I would never have been able to meet if it weren’t
for Spaces. Each one of you touched my heart and in some way, you were there
when I needed a friend. I only hope that the community grows as there
are many wonderful people out there that will enrich our lives. This community is
a gift.

This year I was able to travel, not much, but more than ever before. I
saw familiar sites as I returned to my hometown and fell in love with
it again. I vacationed on the beach with friends.
I saw the Atlantic waves crash on the shore. I saw new places and traveled roads that I have never
traveled. My trips were gifts that expanded my horizon.

this new year begins I look forward to the new gifts in my life. I hope
for good health, love and romance, and all the new experiences that
will come my way. I hope for change.

So when I look into that mirror today I see a person that is much
stronger than a year ago. I see a person that looks forward to every
day a each day as- Life begins again. I’m happy to say that when I look in that mirror I do in fact see a lion.

My best to you all this New Year!


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  1. Right on! And a Happy New Year to you!

  2. happy New Year my dear Wendy Rose. I agree. I want to see me 20 pounds thinner. lol hugsssssssRosemary

  3. may all your hopes and wishes come true in 2006.

  4. good morning hugsssssssssssssssssssssssss Wendy Rose.Have a great short week……..lolRosemary

  5. HI!! Are we still on for Saturday? I\’m hoping to zip an e-mail over to you or call you sometime today, but maybe tomorrow? lol It\’s been crazy around here with Scooter\’s Daddy home during the day…Thanks for the deveining shrimp info! I had done it the right way… well, except for having deveined the spine… lol!

  6. ahhh! i read your comments on my last blog & you tease me! but it brought a smile to my face 🙂 Have a great day! I\’m glad you liked my pictures!

  7. I\’m with ya sister! Happy New Year!

  8. So glad you\’ve found your way.Six


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