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  1. Good Morning Wendy Rose. You are a beautiful Rose too. Thanks for the nice comment. Have a wonderful day. Big hugssssssssssssssssssssssss to you.La. Rose

  2. Happy Hugs Fest La. RoseA HugThere´s something in a simple hugThat always warms the heart;It welcomes us back homeAnd makes it easier to part.A hug´s a way to share the joyAnd sad times we go through,Or just a way for friends to sayThey like you ´cause you´re you.Hugs are meant for anyoneFor whom we really care.From your grandma to your neighbor,Or a cuddly teddy bear.A hug is an amazing thing – It´s just the perfect wayTo show the love we´re feelingBut can´t find words to say.It´s funny how a little hugMakes everyone feel good;In every place and language,It´s always understood.And hugs don´t need new equipment,special batteries or parts -Just open up your armsAnd open up your hearts.~ Unknown ~Merry Christmas

  3. marry christmas and happy new year to you and if pass from my blog leaves a sign so to unite and to approach the blogs of the whole world! hi Francesco

  4. <LAUUUUUUUGHING>!!!!!!! I\’m DYING! I\’ve been puzzled over your comment about not letting Scooter get sick because of the turtle! I\’ve been trying to figure out what kind of disease a PLUSH turtle could give my baby when I realized that you were talking about a LIVE turtle! I am *absolutely* amused!! Thanks for the laugh, even if it was unintentional. 😀 And thanks for the call–I was a little scatter-brained when you called. 😀 I hope Annie is wonderful! 😀

  5. By the way–that Barbra Streisand *JingleBells* song is my FAVORITE! :"D

  6. Hi there! No, the little puppy wasn\’t mine. But I am looking for another dog. Mine passed away almost a year ago. I miss the little guy. He was my \’little buddy\’ — an over-weight half lhasa apso and half maltese mix. A hyper little fur ball with lots of heart & energy. You always knew when he entered a room — lots of personality 🙂

  7. Merry Christmas to you too! Take care.

  8. AMEN!!!!!!!! Some people complaining about store clerks or whoever saying Merry Christmas. Instead it has to be Happy Holiday or Seasons Greetings. Give me a break. It\’s Christmas. sorry for the outburst. Have a good day.


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