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What’s in a name?

Yes dear friends, as you may have discovered my name is Wendy. It always reminded me of Peter Pan. LOL So I took on this pseudonym of a flower. So call me Wendy or Rose. Just remember to call me (or at least leave comments).  


A Rose by Any Other Name…


Is there anything more beautiful than a rose?
We marvel at it’s delicate petals and are delighted by its fragrance
We are so taken by it’s beauty that we may forget about the thorns
If we forget to handle carefully we may be hurt by their sharpness.

A rose is often used as a symbol of love
And rightly so, for just as a rose provides great pleasure to the senses
Love provides meaning and purpose to our lives
But if love it is treated improperly it can inflict incredible pain

So remember when you are handling a beautiful rose or one you love
do it with with care, and you will add joy and happiness to your life

 Send a rose to someone you care about
or to someone who cared about you

Remember love, like a rose, is a fragile thing!




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  1. I divulged my name for the first time (well, other than to you privately!) to Maine Biker Chick–what could I do? She challenged me! lol We\’re really messed up now if anybody\’s been trying to figure out who we are for bad things, I guess… lol

  2. OH! p.s. 🙂 Daddy and I didn\’t go to Ft. Myers… we hung out in Tampa–But we should have hooked you, Tom and the Merry Men up with Scooter! 😀

  3. Rose fits you Wendy. I\’m sending you a rose, from my mind to your mind. From my heart to your heart.

  4. WHAT?????? Your name is Wendy??? OMG!!!K.T.

  5. KT You are the one who let it leak!! Then Mike had to publish it! LOL

  6. Wow, you revealed your name. Anyway, I have heard this before, but it is a lovely sentiment. Rose and Wendy both suit you fine. Thanks for commenting on my space and you\’re welcome anytime. I actually wrote a new blog a while back. Do stop by. Take care. -Andy

  7. oppss I\’m so sry. I didn\’t mean to open a can of worms. lol I tell my name and it is Rosemary! I loved the poem. i love roses. My dad said I was his little Rose as he named me. I will still call you rose too. I\’m used to it. I hope I did not put mike in the dog house. lol I\’m so sorry.extra big huge hugsssssssssssssssssssssssssLa. Rose


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