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Dog Christmas


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  1. <giggle> 😀

  2. hugssssssssssss Rose,that is a funny pic. lol Yes, my neighbor came and done all that work. She did not do that great a job either. I can\’t believe my sister gave her the key to my house. I know she had good intentions and it is done now. So, nothing I can do about it. She did work hard. Painting is not easy. She is the kind of neighbor that likes to take charge and get into everyones bussiness………lol But if it was up to me the paint would still be in can. lol It was sweet of her. But I still don\’t like people in my house when i\’m not here. lol I was paying my son to do it and he got called back to work. so all he got done was washed the walls. At least it is done for company next weekend. lol big hugssssssssssssssssss to you and have a great week.La.Rose

  3. W: I dont see a picture. Did someone steal it? I\’ll assume its funny. Therefore…………..LMAO!K.T.

  4. I was checking out mike\’s 8. lol OMG your name is Wendy. All this time I call you Rose. LMAO. weird. too funny. big hugsssssssssLa. Rose

  5. Hi there! Just reading LouisianaRose\’s comments. I was calling you Rose, too! Should we call you Wendy? :)I found the link to that video we were talking about — it was the one with the garbage men serenading the pretty lady walking down the sidewalk.

  6. Funny. Take care and have a great day. hugssssssssss.


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