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Tom or Paul? Who is The King?

 Someone (Martha) said that The King looks like Paul. Everyone go and say hello to Paul today.

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  1. There you go! Just stopped by his site and left a note. 🙂 Hope things are going well for you! 🙂 How do you like our cloudy day today? Rain for another three days, to boot!

  2. Damn, they do favor, but Tom would be more appealing without a turkey nut in his mouth…LOL!!!!

  3. Well, in my opinion Paul is a little thinner in the face. It comes from eating his own home grown products I guess. I love your vacation pics. No offense to your dear sister, but you\’re the prettier one. Even though you flipped me the bird. lol

  4. What R U doing??? Posting that awful picture of me!!!!!K.T.

  5. Hahaha! You are mean! I don\’t know why he\’s so worried about the picture – he put it up on HIS site. What? Does he think he\’s King or something?!Ok, so I get it – you guys obviously go way back and Kim travels with you when you go on trips. I recognize your profile pic as one in the King\’s album, too.Take care~Kim

  6. Yeah, Rosebay – If you haven\’t adopted a bear, now is the time to do so. There is something about bears that brings out the best in people.I really like your blog. The funnies are outstanding.Warm regards from Pete(Well, as warm as they can be coming from our town where it is 1 degree below zero this morning.)

  7. Hey Rosebay,The Christmas house video above is super. WOW! Damn, it is great. I can believe people set these up and program them but so expensive. We all have our hobbies, or vices.Angels with attitudes – yeah!Hope all is well with you. I\’ve been busier than whatever between work and the basketball season.Have a great one.Bruce


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