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Happy Hour 11/12/05

From Ft Myers Beach wishing you all

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  1. hi im awfully sorry, i hopped onto king toms site from a friend of mine ( suz) i am new to this lark, so please forgive me, i liked your blog about dog peeves so much i copied it, i have been told this is wrong & i may have caused problems, if i have i am truly sorry, i was going to delete the blog on my page but SUZ said it is probably wiser to leave it in case it causes more damedge, once again , if it has caused problems please accept my appologies , yours gary.

  2. if you want to give me a bollocking my e mail is enclosed

  3. HA! I knew you wouldn\’t be able to resist!!! 😀 Talk to you soon! 🙂

  4. LMAO, You checked in. I do it too if i can. I hope your having a great time. I had a wonderful weekend. I put some pic\’s of it on my space. I like your picture Life is good. Cause it is. Have fun, be safe and see you soon. hugsssssssssssssssssssssLa. Rose

  5. Darn it, I didn\’t know Saturday was a holiday. I only had one beer at mom Saturday night. I should have had more. I\’m part Irish too. Just a wee bit, but enough that I love stout. Looks like u had a good time. Welcome home. Take care.

  6. hi i am so pleased, (& feeling a little foolish) that i had not harmed your blog, lol, think i will just stick to writing for a bit, hope you enjoy your vacation & thank you for being so prompt & setting my mind at rest, bye,, gary….


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