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I am thrilled with all the friends I have met through Spaces. First there was The King with all his help I have music (now videos) on my Space. Then the vacation contest and the wonderful prize I won.

I’ve received encouragement and support from Paula mom of Bandit The Pug and TwoDogs USA Bekke. Both are always leaving something special in my comments which I enjoy.

Lost and Dangerous always has something to say on the political front.

Sean Who has taken a break from blogging but was a constant source of amusement.


Then there is Pete and Penny The Late Life Crisis who blogged about my video and sent a stream of new people to my Space (thanks again Pete). From that I have two (Spacees or Spacers?) that sent me on a trip down memory lane.
First there was Scooter’s Mom. A delightful family. Scooter is all of about 31 weeks old and he tells us about life from his perspective. So to Scooter’s mom, I’m posting pictures of my "little one" at about the same age.

 Then I found Bruce the Scout Leader. Many of my greatest memories are of being in the Boy Scouts with my son. The camping trips, the volunteer work and the camaraderie of families truly enjoying their sons. Here’s my son in 1993 in uniform.  
Graduation 2001      

Other friends I visit:
Louisiana Rose, a rose by any other name… Love her pictures on her motorcycle. Wish I had the courage to ride alone (or in our city for that fact).
I met Mike and we had a great chat yesterday. He blogs on his breaks.
Mr. Hedgehog and Jason’s Photos are photographers with some great albums.
There are more so please visit the list of Favorite Spaces. And if you find someplace interesting, let me know. If you are new visiting here, leave a comment so I can visit.

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  1. Oh my golly, your son was so cute! Looking at him, he actually reminds me a lot of Scooter. The hair color\’s just about the same, the big, big cheeks, and the grin that means he\’s *just* about to get into something… I\’m SO GLAD you posted those pictures! 🙂 Hope you\’re having a great day!

  2. hey gal – just stopped in to see what condition your condition was in – oh pay no mind to me – I\’m punning on a Willie Nelson tune. anyway, loved – I mean loved those pics you have of all the pets. I love looking at stuff like that. they are just sweeeeeeties. Anyway, you have a great week and stop by sometime…P.S. Considering a move, Denver, Colorado…LOL…Ck out my blog, you\’ll get the joke…hippie_broomer

  3. W: Thanks for the plug on your space. I love those old photos, I\’ve done that on my space too…oh, you probably know that, right? C U soon.K.T.

  4. You are so kind! Thanks for mentioning all of us in your blog 🙂

  5. Super thoughts. Just the short time I have been on Spaces I have met so many people. I thank my friend Steve in CO for starting a space and, wow, I got turned on to it. The pics are great. How fast just a few years flies! Have a great tomorrow.

  6. Stopping in to say hi ya! Still thinking about the Great American Smoke Out. I need to be successful, but a morning like this and heading straight for a cancer stick makes me wander if there is a cigarette rehab instead, like those for drug and alcohol. For me would be much easier to remove myself from my house, at least the first week or so.Hugs…………..Paula

  7. Awwww sucks Wendy. You honor me. You\’ve touched my heart very deeply. I am a very lucky person for having \’met\’ you. Thank you. Kisses and hugs to start your day today.

  8. Hugsssssssss and good morning. Awwwww thank you for putting me on your site. I don\’t ride alone on the bike. I don\’t know how. I just ride behind hubby. I just took the picture, was not moving. My sister does have her own bike and she rides. I had polio and I can\’t ride it unless it is automatic. But I would If I had one. I do ride the 4 wheeler alone. I\’m having trouble adding spaces to my site. but when I get it fixed i\’m gonna add all my new space buddies to. Have a great day!


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