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Bye Bye Wilma

The storm has left the state. I haven’t wandered outside yet. It’s still very windy (gusts up to 40 mph) and cold. Only 65 degrees! We had tropical storm winds and much needed rain. But I am still here.
Son was sent out into the storm in his box truck (like a UHaul) for work. He called to check on me and the dogs this morning. I couldn’t believe they would send him out heading east to follow the storm! Being mom that I am, I immediately told him to hang up the phone and put both hands on the wheel. 
 Link below is to the Today Show live reports from this morning.

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  1. This is Penny, Rosebay. About this video, I couldn\’t see it, of course, but the music was great and Pete told me about the cat antics. Even listening to Pete\’s descriptions gave me lots of laughs.By the way, my daughter tunes into your blog. She also lives in Florida.Thanks you for comments on my latest Patter entry. It means a lot to me to know that I am not the lone ranger.Keep on bloggin\’ Pete and I and my daughter think you are great.

  2. Spreading the puggy love.Pug Hugs……..Bandit

  3. Good to hear you made it through Wilma o.k. My sister-in-law and her family are in West Palm and they did o.k. they lost power, which has come back. No water for flushing though. Love your space.


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