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Friday, Sunday, Saturday now Monday or is it Tuesday. When will it ever arrive? Part of the fun of a hurricane is waiting. Which direction will it take? Will it be to the south of us (good) or to the north of us (bad). I’m pretty sure it will land to the south of us this time. Just leave Ft Myers Beach alone! With it hitting south the biggest concern is wind and electricity. Last year, although I never lost power at home, my office was closed for a week. The wood floors buckled up from the humidity. Clients started showing up when no one answered the phones. I managed to get two full days of work done from the boss’ home.
The rain is a given. Even today’s radar shows that we have heavy cloud cover. Will the winds be strong enough to create the "wind monster" that runs up and down the streets? Hurricane Charley had "wind monsters" for almost a full day. The local Burger King sign ended up in the McDonald’s parking lot along with many other signs that were blown into the street. Driving was hazardous and almost everything was closed. We managed to find a couple of small establishments open for "hurricane parties" and get a good meal.
So for the weekend the plan is watching weather channel, watching weather channel and then we will watch the weather channel.
Everyone else, Have a Good Weekend!

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  1. hay funny clip ahahaha.

  2. W: I liked the cats. Wilma is driving everone crazy. Mom got a hotel room for Friday and Saturday. Then she added Sunday. Then she added Monday. Who knows when it will come. I 2nd that FMB thing.K.T.

  3. Hey lady! Just stopping by to check on you. Haven\’t really heard any weather reports lately but am hoping that you are ok and all.~Hugs~


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