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Dating AGAIN

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Back on the dating scene (yuck).  At some point isn’t this supposed to be easier? Ah well…
I call my space Life Begins Again for certain reasons. When you can wake up, take a breath then you just know that you have a new beginning. Endings don’t make me sad because that is only the beginning. Such a hopeless optimist.
List of newness since spaces:
  • new paint on the walls
  • new fireplace
  • new hair style
  • new car (very traumatic but love it now)
  • new boyfriend #1 (wants kids – me? at 43? NFW)
  • new friends in Hamburg
  • new to online dating


So I put myself out there and joined an online dating service. (oh my wasn’t the profile fun to do) Sounds crazy even to me but what else is a girl to do? Bars are not the answer, either is church or at my job.
So I met a guy. We did the emails, the chats, the phone calls and met once on a Sunday morning. We meet today for an early date of wings and beer. Only problem is… is 4:00 too early for beer? If I have beer at 4:00 I’ll be home in bed by 7:00. So when is the right time for beer? Maybe The King can make a ruling so that there is no question LOL.
So now it is 3:20 and I am sitting here at the computer wondering what the next new  will be and where it will take me. So now I shall get dressed in my best jeans and a nice top. Can’t be late.

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  1. By the time you read this, you\’ll be enjoying your wings and beer. 4 pm is fine. Have a good time.

  2. How did thedate go? Have you seen this guy or is this the first face to face?

  3. made me lauff the rat dancingvery niceYour space^^


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